Why Biafrans protest in London?

The situation with Biafra is extremely hot in Nigeria. But how did they get to London? Learn what IPOB decided to say this time.

biafra in london

The members of famous Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB) in the United Kingdom stormed the Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel), where the President Muhammadu Buhari was very expected this Thursday, June 16.

The pictures were shared due to one of the popular social network, using IPOB account. There was one more Biafra protest. The biggest Biafra supporters were shouting that Muhammadu Buhari was receiving some treatment in that hospital. Due to the schedule the President Buhari had to return back to Nigeria this Thursday, on June 16.

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Nonetheless, Yemi Osinbajo, the vice president of Nigeria, claimed that he had a long telephone conversation with Buhari, the president, and that he mentioned that there was no need for Muhammadu Buhari to hurry up to Nigeria. But the vice president claimed that Buhari was in a perfect condition, he felt well and he just needed more rest.

The vice president mentioned that Buhari is expected to return home this Sunday. The president is supposed to resume all his duties this Monday on 20th of June. Last time people saw Bukhari on Monday, 13 June. He was hosting Justin Welby, who is the Canterbury Archbishop in London. Nigerians are worried about his health, comparing his trip with the last one of the President Umaru Yar'adua.

Biafra Nigeria

buhari president

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The situation in the country is getting worse day-by-day. Strikes, military alliances, murders, economic crisis – this is happening in Nigeria now. Biafra is very popular nowadays. But only some people know what Biafra means. This word, perhaps, is derived from a subgroup of Biafada or Biafar of the ethnic group Tenda, who live mainly in Guinea-Bissau. The word Biafar was a common word in the Portuguese language in the 16th century. Biafra is a secessionist state situated in southeastern Nigeria. It is believed that its name was originated from the Bight of Biafra (this is an Atlantic Bay to the south).

buhari in london

Previously one international media, which had decided not to be silent on the pro-Biafra agitation, finally gathered history and some impressive facts about the popular Republic of Biafra.

It’s interesting, that after a terrible civil war Biafra people choose the same way – the agitation ‘Biafra is the country to be recovered’. Biafra news is usually connected with some strikes, protests or murders. None knows how it finishes. But let’s hope everything will be ok in the whole Nigeria.

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