Why Civil Liberties Organization warns about political intervention in trial on Bukola Saraki?

Will Bukola Saraki Senate Chairman have to undergo trial? Find out about the CCT decision.

The CCT trial of Bukola Saraki, the chairman of the senate, proceeds. CLO has warned that case of Bukola Saraki don't demand additional political intervention. They are convinced that the court has to pay much attention to all arguments against and supporting the representative of the senate.

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The president of CLO has also offered anti-corruption war to president Buhari. He has declared: "Such actions have been already carried out earlier, but they continued to be beneficial for those who are interested in corruption. Now such wars have to be more effective".

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He has advised judgment to remain unshakable, even if politicians will actively interfere to contradict them. President also guarantees to citizens their ability to take part in fight against corruption too.

Courts have to convince people that everything is made fairly. Justice has to remain undoubted – the president of CLO says.

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He reminded that he never cooperated with Saraki. The man has also told that if the senate has chosen someone against other interests, he has to respect this choice.

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