Why death follows Nigerian famous people? – death of James Ocholi family

Who is next? Is it the Ocholi family? Get the latest news now.

Another tragedy happened in Nigeria last Sunday. James Ocholi and his family died in a horrible car crash. Such news shocked all the Nigerians. Let’s find out the detail of the story.

death of James Ocholi family

James Ocholi was an acting Minister for Labour and Productivity in Nigeria, who was born in Kogi state. He was only 55 years old, and his term started just last year (in November 2015). This man was known as a great politician, who got the title of Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 2007. Besides, Ocholi was faithful to his native country.

death of James Ocholi

The tragedy happened on the 6th of March. The whole family was just coming back from their private family visit in Kaduna. They were on the way to Abuja, when a car accident happened. It took place in Kaduna-Abuja expressway in particular.

death Ocholi family

FRSC’s (Federal Road Safety Corps) officers announced that the Minister’s car somersaulted because one of the tires of the vehicle got burst. The road crash turned the vehicle into mess, as you can see from the photos on the Internet. The most terrible thing is that none of the family managed to survive. James Ocholi was not the only one, who died that day. His wife and a son also lost their lives.

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death follows Nigerian famous people

All the Nigerians are still in shock. The whole country keeps mourning, as they lost not only an outstanding politician, who wanted to make Nigeria better and worked on its development, but also a wonderful person. All of us will miss James Ocholi and hope that tragedies as such will never happen again.

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