Why did Biafra separate from Nigeria?

Following Biafra court case? Learn more about this situation and get the facts and figures on Biafra past and future.

For now Nigeria and Biafra remain to be one state. However there is much distress about the situation. Let us try to figure out how it all has started, what is going on now (latest Biafra news) and how it all may end up.

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Where is Biafra on the map?

This area is located in the south-east of Nigeria. The name comes from the bay called the Bight of Biafra. Historically this land was mainly populated by people from Igbo tribe. Presently the territory of Republic of Biafra includes 25 provinces with the capital city in Enugu.

biafra on the map

According to stats over 20 percent of the population on that territory consists of Igbo people, with up to 4 percent of Ibibio, some Efik, Ekoi and of over 10 percent of Ijaw.  

Is Biafra a Country?

Republic of Biafra was created May 30, 1967. The history of the existence of the Land of the rising sun was not long, as it lasted only for three years until January 15, 1970. During this time Biafra had two presidents.

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The very first president of Biafra was C. Odumegwu Ojukwu. His rule lasted for almost 3 years, but he resigned on January 8, 1970. The second president, whose name was Phillip Effiong, had one of the shortest ruling times in the history. It lasted only for 4 days – January 8-12, 1970.

C. Odumegwu Ojukwu

In our days leaders of Biafra have done many steps towards independence. In 2015 MASSOB leadership announced about launching Biafra money into circulation. During the Civil War times there was Biafra pound used on its territory.

old biafra pound

Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has also released Biafra driving license and Biafra passports.

biafra passport

They have claimed such countries as UK and USA have accepted and acknowledged their passports as legal. However, that did not prove to be true.

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Nigerian Civil War

Biafra genocide

Throughout the entire history of Republic of Biafra existence Igbo people were engaged in the military conflict called Biafra War or Nigerian Civil War. It was a very tragic time for the tribe and they have lost millions of lives during the Biafra genocide.  You may find more information in a detailed article on this topic, just click the link below.

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Where is radio Biafra?

Over the last year most people in Nigeria were following the court case of Biafra radio.com. Nnamdi Kanu, who is the activist of IPOB and Biafra independence movement started to make various radical statements.  They urged people of Biafra to rise up and take a stand for their independence. You may find Nnamdi Kanu biography, if you click the link below.

nnamdi kanu radio biafra

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Many things have happened since the start of the court case. Nnamdi Kanu has been taken to jail and released after a range of street manifestations, which have flooded the streets of key Nigerian cities, including Lagos.

Indigenous People of Biafra have stood up for their leader and made the court release him, but later on he was taken back to custody. Recently he has declared that being in prison he was tortured by Buhari’s DSS. The latest turn in the case is rather unexpected. Ex-militants, who support Biafra, have hijacked a ship. They demand to release Nnamdi Kanu and have given the Federal government a time span of 31 days. If their demand is not fulfilled, they threaten to kill all the hostages.

Can Biafra get independent?

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No one really knows the answer to this question. There are those who believe Nigeria is better off without Biafra and those who do not wish for the country to be split. Share your opinions with us and start a discussion. Add your answer to this question. 

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