Why did Buhari cancel his visit to Ogoniland 02.06?

People are wondering why the president changed his mind at the last minute and didn’t go to Ogoniland. What affected his opinion? All the fact and ideas are gathered here. Do you want to know why Buhari didn’t go?

Nigeria’s president Buhari had to visit Rivers state this Wednesday, June 2. He had to join the flag off ceremony due to the cleaning up of Ogoniland.

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The Nigerians were waiting for him so much, that the report that the Buhari had canceled his trip impressed them. And they should wait for the vice president Yemi Osinbajo instead of Buhari himself. There were different reactions from Nigerians because of president’s cancelled trip.

Plenty of people expressed their disappointment in the President. They were upset because of him not paying a visit to Ogoniland for the popular flag-off of the cleanup of the Niger Delta and Ogoniland.

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It seems to be true that the President Buhari is not going to visit Ogoniland. Frankly, this is an unexpected and sad development. It certainly calls to question again what kind of advice he is receiving in Aso Rock. The President Buhari maybe has the most suitable excuses for not paying a visit, but the real reason is in politics! Cancelling that visit was the last thing the President should have completed today.

5 reasons why cancelling the visit is bad:

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1. The Niger Delta Avengers have scared Buhari. And told him he shouldn’t come. Cancelling the trip showed that they control the government and can tell them what to do. Besides that military force of Nigeria began to look weak and not safe for people. Was it a good idea to cancel the trip? Well, not really. Because, frankly, nothing could have happened to Buhari. He is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Amina Mohammed, the Minister of Environment, told about plans of Buhari trip to Ogoniland. She told about flourishing pond that had already been destroyed by terrible oil pollution. And that the president wanted to go there to restore the whole ecosystem. That would restore the ‘source of livelihood’ for people. It is extremely important topic for people nowadays. This visit was needed. But, unfortunately, the president decided not to come.

3. Well, nothing is happening in Ogoniland at all. So Buhari’s visit would have become the most significant thing for people. Of course, since the terrible judicial killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa. It can be said that killing was supported by Buhari. Nigerians and the whole world condemned it very much. The President’s coming would have shown the situation had changed.

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4. Because of Buhari’s not going to Ogoniland he let the people think that the president of their country is not interested in any domestic visits to states, he liked only visits to foreign countries. It may seem funny, but many people took this idea seriously. They say Buhari has made about thirty foreign trips after his election one year ago. At the same time he only was in Cross Rivers State. And that’s it! It looks like the president is not interested in his own people at all.

5. Now, there’s one more problem. The news about the circumstances of cancelling exploded the web. Plenty of Nigerians want to know the reasons. What happened to the president? Was he afraid? Why did he change his mind? Each action of any president must been explained. There is no doubt. People have trusted him their country. So he must do that, inform every detail of his actions. But there is no explanation provided. So Nigerians keep listening to the different rumors. There was no such need to worry the public.

What kind of rating and trust will the president have now? Are Niger Delta Avengers becoming stronger now? The president left too much questions with no answers.

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The President Buhari had everything to get the advantages of this trip. The people needed it very much. In any case, it looks like he is not interested in his own people and doesn’t want to pay much attention. How will it affect the future of the country? We’ll see.

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