Why did ECOWAS court fine Nigeria?

Nigerian people are wondering how the situation in Apo, Abuja will end. Who was right? Who attacked first? What did the court say in the end? You’ll find all the answers right here!

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The West African States Economic Community, which is called ECOWAS, court has punished Nigeria and fined it $ 3.3m for the killings of eight people in Apo, Abuja in September, 2013.

The Regional Court told our country to pay the compensatory damages in the impressive sum of 200,000 dollars to each family of the terribly deceased citizens and 150,000 American dollars to each and every of the wounded ones.

The tragic incident happened after a team of operatives and soldiers from the DSS, State Services Department raided on the unfinished building in Apo.

building in Apo

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The citizens who were claimed the DSS insurgents, later were found to be the simple commercial motorcycle operators who had found a refuge in that building.

This people, who were killed: Ashiru Musa, Buhari Ibrahim, Abdullahi Manmman, Ahmadu Musa, Nura Abdullahi , Suleiman Ibrahim, Musa Yobe and Nasir Adamu. The death of none was punished by the authorities.

The people who got the terrible wounds were: Yusuf Abubakar, Sani Abdulrahman, Ibrahim Mohammed, Nuhu Ibrahim, Yahaya Bello, Ibrahim Aliyu, Abubakar Auwal, Muttaka Abubakar, Ibrahim Bala, Sanni Usman and Murtala Salihu.

A famous non-governmental organization (which is also called NGO) tried to challenge the cruel legality of the terrible killings.

In the judgment of the court, which was delivered by Justice Friday Chijioke Nwoke, our country was named liable of terrible, brutal murders of the defenseless citizens contrary to all the local and international laws on the fundamental rights of any citizen to have life.

buhari speach

A team of three justices, which was led by Nwoke commented the killings as illegal, barbaric, unconstitutional and a serious breach of the fundamental rights of the defenseless deceased people.

The court rejected a request by Nigeria, that the security agents killed the people in order to defend themselves, because there was no evidence that any of the dead people carried weapons.

Nwoke said that such actions of security agents were an extremely huge abuse of power and serious misuse of firearms. He told that there was no such conflict, which had to be justified in opening fire on the unarmed citizens.

‘We can’t see any evidence that the deceased and the survivors had any attempts to harm the safety of security agents. There is still no evidence that people had guns. Also there is no evidence that the pellets or bullets, got from the deceased and survived ones before this court, can prove the assertion, that Nigerian security officers acted in self-defense when they broke into the house of the killed ones,‘ he said.

‘Instead of this, there was evidence, which proved the victims were totally unharmed while security officials were that ones who began opening fire on the defenseless and innocent citizens.’

ECOWAS court

While the authorities can kill people, the situation in the country will not change. The government must understand that citizens are the same humans as they are. And everyone must ‘pay’ for any criminal action, especially murder. Whether, this court decision was right – it’s up to you. But in any way, someone must pay for it.

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