Why did EFCC frozen Ayo Fayose bank account?

Is Ayo Fayose under investigation and who has frozen his bank account? Find out now.

Ayo Fayose bank account?

Etiki State keeps on experiencing a crisis. This time EFCC has gotten to Ayo Fayose bank account. Find out what this happened.

Ayo Fayose’s bank account is frozen

Etiki State governor Ayo Fayose has a bank account in Zenith bank. Last Monday it was gotten by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. The governor never suspected about it and visited one of the bank branches to make a transaction. That was when he discovered his account was frozen.

EFCC frozen Ayo Fayose bank account

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Previousely Ayo Fayose severely criticized president Buhari and his government. The man said he would not leave the bank until his account gets back to normal. He stood there day long until 6 p.m. He claimed the EFCC actions were illegal.

EFCC frozen bank account?

The governor thinks he is persecuted for being too outspoken and honest about the current president and his family. He also believes some people wish to destabilize the state even more and create chaos in Etiki.

On the other hand EFCC officials do not provide any clear information on the matter. They just say that despite the political immunity of Ayo Fayose he still can be under the investigation.

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