Why did Nigerian government order to withdraw military forces from Niger Delta?

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Niger Delta soldiers were ordered to leave the area as soon as possible. The government confirmed the information that it is too dangerous to stay there for now. The troops are obliged to go immediately.

The reason for it is obviously the Niger Delta Avengers who are an extremist group of people dissatisfied with the decisions of the government.

This group of people wants to get its own independent territory. That’s why they do all these scary things. For example, they have recently made some industries shut down and stop the production of oil.

Who are they?

They are actually very self-confident people who really get what they want. Starting from 2016, they have committed a lot of crimes including killing people. However, they focus on influencing the gas industry.

The constant attacks lowered the level of production in Nigeria a lot and lead to the Nigerian Delta Crisis. Their purpose is to achieve the independence from the Nigerian states.

Nobody can say exactly who the members are. However, they are definitely well-trained and prepared for an actual war. They have already shown their ability to fight.


That means that they are probably a part of some military organization. The experts think that there are about one hundred people or even more than that.

Right now there are a lot of complaints accusing the militants who are staying in Niger Delta, Nigeria. The discrimination is also quite strong.

Nigerian government wants the troops out right now. Some of them will stay to watch the waterways.

The ministers and other governors of the state made a decision to do it during their important meeting a few days ago. Not that long ago Muhammadu Buhari was threatened by the extremist group.

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He had to cancel his appointments and trips because of that. However, he sent the troops to the Niger Delta area in order to try to communicate with the members of Nigerian Delta Avengers.

The governors agreed to his decision. They say that’s it is necessary to do something to solve the problem. They didn’t want the troops to fight but they had to control the situation.

They also patrolled the waterways. It would help provide the security. However, the soldiers have to be prepared that the extremist group starts acting any time.

The official representatives announced that they need the support from the Government and the inhabitants of the Nigerian States themselves in order to overcome the problems. It is a very serious and dangerous issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible.


Most of the politicians claim that they have already made some important decisions and worked out the special strategy that is supposed to be useful.

They also emphasize the importance of keeping the group together. If they stay with each other, support each other and work together, they are going to be strong.

In order to overcome such a serious problem, you really need to be confident. Moreover, you need to have the reliable people next to you.

The president also confirms that troops have to come back home immediately.

Among those who attended the meeting were also the governors of the other states, the Nigerian ministers and politicians.


However, they reassure the society that everything is going to be fine. They say that there won’t be any actual war in Nigeria. The conflict is supposed to be solved soon enough.

They all express the confidence in the future. There are always ways to end the crisis and to come back to the peaceful life.

The safety of Nigerian people is obviously a priority and the government is doing all it can in order to provide it. We can only hope that the conflicts will be done soon and that we don’t have to worry for our lives and for the future of our country.

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