Why do Niger Delta Avengers apply for Wole Soyinka's help?

How can Prof. Wole Soyinka help the Government to make peace with Niger Delta Avengers? Is there any chance for a peaceful outcome?

Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta Avengers tries to seek the help of one of the most honorable professors in Africa. They believe that Prof. Wole Soyinka may help NDA to find peace ends with government forces. As a consequence of peaceful negotiations, where the authorities of the states decided to show the willingness for cooperation with reopening of Maritime University and releasing detain individuals, the NDA may finally be open to peaceful results of the conflict.

Wole Soyinka Foundation

Prof. Soyinka debunked the rumors about international interventionists meeting President Muhammadu Bihari on negotiating with a crisis in Nigeria. The Noble Laureate informed that authorities in London are concerned about the situation with NDA. Nevertheless, they still did not form any specialists to resolve the conflict. On his side, he provides a dialogue of cultures in the universities of Notre Dame, Lebanon, Cedars Institute and Wole Soyinka Foundation. Nevertheless, the idea of these dialogues are the illumination of cultural, racial and social gaps between students and finding the peace results.

NDA attacks

Nevertheless, the Noble Laureate appeal to the government and personally to the president Muhammadu Bihari to listen to some of the NDA militants. Therefore, he believes that the idea of the peaceful result of a conflict is not a myth. With help and understanding of both sides, it`s inevitable to find peace between Nigerian people.

NDA militants

Therefore, Prof. Soyinka claims that he is not a part of any special group for a conflict regulation. His intentions or resolving peace come strictly from his initiative. According to his words, he tries to follow connections in London and show the Lords there that Nigeria has undecided problems within its borders. Moreover, he creates dialogues not only with students but also within political circles of Nigeria and England. 

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His main appeal to the government and NDA is to find a peaceful solution to the emerged crisis.

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