Why do young people join Boko Haram?

Has Nigerian army lost control over Boko Haram group? How do they make young people join them? What are the main reasons and conditions? The answers are here!

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In 2013, the American Institute of Peace decided to examine the reasons contributing to youth fast radicalization and also recruitment into armed alliances.  They mostly talked about Boko Haram.

In addition to different reviewing media reports, policy reports, databases, newspapers, magazines and academic literature this famous foundation conducted a few primary researches involving different interviews, surveys and also focus group discussions.

Experts and consultants conducted some studies in a couple of cities in each of six Nigerian states, which were selected for the studies: Gombe city and Acre, Maiduguri and Biel, Nassarawa and Tarauni, Zaria and Kaduna, Damaturu and Potiskum, Sokoto city and also town Shagari.

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The researches, which were carried out from June till November 2013, contained some interviews with the religious leaders, Boko Haram leader, some security officials, political and women leaders. Also they were focusing on discussions with youth, different women, and, of course, faith groups. They talked with teachers, different community leaders.

Young followers, who had decided to use the weapons in different attacks before, became quite radicalized people wishing to carry out some suicide explosions in pursuit of any martyrdom.

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Despite the different limitations and problems in the study, the results point to a number of major forces that lead the youth to radicalization and extremism. A couple of the changes are likely to occur due to the mobilization, but they can be extremely specific to the context. The personal participation in Boko Haram also widely varies, depending on its membership. Some of them are, for example, marines or bomb makers. Other parts are ideologues, strategists or even criminals.

The reasons why many young boys agree to spy on the police can be extremely different than some reasons other their members reave two hundred as called Boko Haram girls. Schoolgirls. That boy, who carried a huge suicide bombing to a police station, sure, had some different motivations and reasons than the one that made a little money and helped the alliance out. Nonetheless, the study also showed main causative factors that are usually political, economic, social, and, of course, religious.

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The ignorance of the religious teaching is against violence, it makes young people more vulnerable and even susceptible to recruitment. The states that were surveyed had unanimity, which is the initial ignorance of any religious teachings. So it is the major factor in the adoption of different extreme religious streams, especially among young people.

The lack of in-depth knowledge of the true religious studies is also partly related to the three dangerous trends observed in the most recent practice of religion life in Nigeria: the spread of sects of Islam and Christianity, the spread of independent preachers in each of these religions, as well as increasing dependence on missionaries rather than on the sacred books themselves. As a result, a lot of young people have become very vulnerable to radicalization and recruitment of independent and also roaming preachers of extremist groups and different religious ideologies, which often distort the religious precepts.

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Kids with extremely difficult upbringings and childhood are much more vulnerable to extremist streams. The increasing amount of children without proper parental guidance and education is a clear social condition that has contributed to the radicalization of young people in Northern Nigeria. The children who lack any protective social environment are always likely to be used.

In different Nigerian states, especially in the northern region, millions of school-age kids do not attend school, compounding the illiteracy rate in the country and also vulnerability to any manipulation by dangerous extremist alliances. Highly widespread poverty in northern regions of Nigeria promotes the growth of the population of disadvantaged children.

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The children, who were from nine to fifteen years old, also helped the transportation of weapons of Boko Haram. They carried stolen items and hid their weapons after the attacks. The alienation of children from home and society opens the door to the extremist ideologies and streams. They are always exploited in the process of different recruitment and radicalization.

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