Why does Etcetera say that Buhari leads Nigeria to the Hell?

The famous Neigerian entertainer Etcetera has made comments about the current president Buhari. Find out why he doesn't like him and doesn't believe him.

etcetera about buhari

The new comments about the president strike Nigeria. One of the most famous hosts and entertainers Etcetera announced his attitude towards Buhari.

The real name of this entertainer is Pascal Uche Ejikeme and he is very popular in Nigeria. He started his career as a singer about 20 years ago but he has gained real fame only recently.

The reason for that is that he started posting his comments about the Nigerian politics, economical situation and problems in general. He is doing his job really well and that’s why people really love to read his thoughts.

There appeared a new post in Etcetera blog where Pascal was criticizing Buhari’s administration for not improving the situation in the country and also making it even worse.

Apart from expressing his negative opinion about Buhari, the entertainer also mentioned his dissatisfaction with the vice president. In fact, he slightly insulted him.

Why did he do it? Well, he really doesn’t support the vice president’s idea to refuse from mud houses which are so important for the country and its habitants.

Etcetera says that Osinbajo is not quite familiar with the topic he is trying to make decisions about. He thinks he is totally wrong about mud houses.

There were also other comments about the current president and his campaigns. The entertainer considers it unreasonable that the government is focusing on the wrong things right now.

His phrase “change the change” became really popular. By that he implies that choosing Buhari as a president was a mistake and if the people want to have different lives they have to have another president.

etcetera about buhari

He says that if Buhari doesn’t become active in his political decisions there might be a chance that there won’t be a real democracy in Nigeria anymore.

The problems Buhari doesn’t seem to solve

The average salaries in Nigeria are so low that a lot of people simply can’t afford the necessary things for living. It is really hard to make a living for almost all of them.

The amount of money that people monthly get in other countries like the United States or some European countries is about 10 times bigger than in Nigeria.

That is the reason why a lot of Nigerians are intended to look for a better place to live. They choose some Arabic countries where they can get paid twice as much for the same job.

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Those who move to Europe and other countries are content with their lives as they don’t have to worry about not getting paid. Moreover, their salary is not likely to get down.

They are confident of their future and that’s why Nigeria is also losing its citizens.

Some Nigerians become emigrants and encourage others to do the same thing as their lives become so much better and safer after they moved. That’s a huge problem in our society nowadays.

Nigeria doesn’t provide us with enough resources to be able to lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle like in some other parts of the world.

Some people tend to think that it’s not right to leave Nigeria like that. Of course we are supposed to be patriots but it doesn’t mean that we have to neglect the needs of our families.

etcetera about buhari

The reason why the young ones are leaving is that they see no future for them and the next generation.

But things weren’t always that bad. Etcetera talks about his childhood in his blog and describing how better and easier it was to live back then.

He was brought up in religious family whose members also shared the love for Nigeria and wanted to live here forever. But everything changed a few years later. And right now the current president is doing nothing to improve the situation.

He promised us to change everything. He said that he would put an end to corruption and would make sure that everybody has equal rights. There were a lot of other promises which were never fulfilled.

That’s why Etcetera said that we need another president who would help Nigeria to become a strong country again.

All the things Buhari said during the elections sounded so attractive to the nation that they couldn’t resist believing and voting. Right now a great part of the population is still suffering.

Moreover, there occurred even more problems. The unemployment rate is only increasing and the amount of available jobs hasn’t been satisfactory too. And 1 dollar costs about 300 naira right now which is simply unbelievable.

etcetera about buhari

So the main point that the entertainer is trying to explain is that the change is needed. Moreover, it is an integral part of the new Nigeria.

He wants to draw people’s attention to it and give good reasons to stop supporting Buhari.

Hoping for the best is a nice quality but people have to be realistic while fighting for their own rights, better social situations and improved living conditions. There should emerge a new ruler who would be strong enough to end the crisis.

If nothing changes, there would be more and more people leaving the country in search for a better place to live. This way Nigeria will lose even more of its habitants and also its patriotic spirit.

But if we see that the government doesn’t succeed in making changes we should definitely start doing something ourselves. This fight isn’t going to be easy but it is absolutely needed here.

Etcetera advises his readers to think well about it and make a decision about their future lives in Nigeria.

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