Why does Hanks Anuku think NNP will win elections 2016?

What did Hanks Anuku say about the elections 2016? Who will win? Brief story of his political predictions are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Hanks Anuku

Nollywood actor, whose name is Hanks Anuku, has claimed that the NPP, which is New Patriotic Party will win this general elections.

Can NPP win 2016 election?

hanks anuku interview

 Hanks Anuku interview had information that he was living in Ghana during some time, so he decided to put his money on winning Nana Addo Dankwah Akufu-Addo the mandate of Ghanaians on the 7th of December.

He was asked by Hitz about the winner of the 2016 elections. The actor answered that his prediction was that most likely Nana Akufo Addo could take the day.

However, that new interview was in clear contradiction to his earlier predictions for Joy News where Hanks Anuku dispelled some rumors that he supported or was even campaigning for the opposition NPP or New Patriotic Party.

hanks anuku look

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His dismissal of these rumors was coming after pictures of him clad in NPP paraphernalia appeared online a few days ago.

According to the talented actor, who often plays the role of some villains in Nollywood films, the New Patriotic Party paraphernalia is certainly a part of his peace initiative as his beloved country goes to the polls.

Hanks Anuku told Joy News that he was a real peacemaker. So the most important thing for him is to be amongst the people who keep preaching peace. It’s about one country, no matter which party he supports. He is preaching the peace all the time.

hanks anuku style

The successful actor mentioned that he was ‘not a politician’, and that he was a moviemaker and they use this entertainment platform to preach real peace to our people, to our youth, who were watching his movies. He said he did not make campaign for the NPP and that the actor was going to that even with different other parties.

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