Why does Prof. Ango Abdullahi offer to divide Nigeria?

Is it possible to divide Nigeria? Prof. Ango Abdullahi informs that it is quite possible. Read the article to know why!

Prof Ango Abdullahi

Prof Ango Abdullahi proposed the decision to the everlasting political crisis in Nigeria. People might think that Nigeria is indivisible. However, it can be divided in terms ethnicity, religion… Therefore, the ex-adviser of the ex-president propose a different solution for an everlasting tension.

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Nigeria suffered from the wave of political and economic insecurity. The intense fighting between representatives of different tribes can only support the idea of the inability to live together. Moreover, it should be mentioned various cult and terrorist organization. The most notorious of them in Nigeria are Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers. Those two groups despite their differences have some common points; they fight for separation from Nigeria.

separation from Nigeria

Professor Abdullahi supposes, that maybe Lord Lugard made a great mistake in 1914 by collecting all these diversified lands and ethnicities. If Nigerians can`t live together under one roof, why shouldn`t they split up? According to the professor`s words, Nigerians have too many diversities in their hearts and minds. Therefore, they must use a democratic way to split up and divide the possessions of the country. If people can`t leave together, then they have the right to split up, like it happened with Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and even the United Kingdom. Therefore, in modern times, Nigeria can use the Great Britain experience with Scotland. It`s just needed to provide a clear way for the referendum.

Nigerians can`t live together

Nevertheless, the professor did not mention that his mentioned countries had undergone significant changes in the way of splitting up. USSR divided into more than a dozen countries and the first years of these countries were not successful. Moreover, even now they have argues with each other as some of them decided that splitting up and dividing possessions was an unfair case. Moreover, some people of these countries also desire to reunite. Therefore they create political parties and even terrorist organizations for the reunion.

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