Why Ekiti lawmaker is ill after DSS arrest?

What has DSS done to the Ekiti lawmaker to make him so ill? Learn the breaking nigerian news now.

Mr. Akanni Afolabi, the Ekiti lawmaker and participant of the state residence, was released after 18-days imprisonment. However, the man was immediately taken to hospital. His physical state is extremely bad. He can't answer questions. The only thing tells Afolabi about, is the illness. As it appears, he was treated for malaria. They say he will be put in prison after treatment again.

Why Ekiti lawmaker is ill after arrest

We will remind that the man has been detained during storm of the state residence.

The chairman of the Ekiti considers that after treatment, Afolabi has to be immediately released with everyone who was detained with him. His short-term confinement disturbs all residence. They also assume that it is attempt to kill the lawmaker. To their opinion, Afolabi’s arrest is groundless. They ask to explain where their colleague has violated rules. This business demand urgent and truthful answers. Members of the residence want to submit a claim.

Why Ekiti DSS arrest?

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Anyway, imprisonment of the not-feeling well person is a violation of his rights.

Why Ekiti lawmaker is ill

This is all news about Akanni Afolabi for today. We will follow the further events.

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