Why El-Rufai breaks Nigerian labour law?

Is the governor of Kaduna state El Rufai really breaking NIgerian labour law by his actions? Find out now.

The latest Kaduna news: Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna state governor, has one more problem now. He intends to make a new law with assume purpose to destroy labor unions in the state. Participants of community intend to take resolute actions against new Nigerian labor law.

Why El-Rufai breaks Nigerian labour law

TUC and NLC have gathered in the state of Kaduna to prevent actions of the governor. He answers with contempt on a request to repeal the law.

In the interview TUC has told: ‘El-Rufai forces workers to make the choice. They have to solve whether they belong to labor union or don't work in general. These are rather strange actions from the governor. He shows ignorance of laws about job. Anyway, this is not his right’.

 Nigerian labour law?

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The governor has proved the law by the following fact. He has told that the union collects N170 million and don't pay to government anything. However, this statement is false. The governor wants that each worker paid taxes for the union, which will be subtracted from their own salary.

TUC and PDP also said that labors have been protected by the law since 1999 and the governor can't make anything against them. Many people have joined their opinion. For example, pastor of Lagos.

 El-Rufai breaks labour law?

These are all El-Rufai news for today. We will follow further events. And now let’s remember some fact from El-Rufai biography.

Short El-Rufai biography

Short El-Rufai biography

El-Rufai is a state Kaduna governor. Also he is a former director of the main agency of privatization in Nigeria (BPE).

In 2003, he became the minister of Federal Capital Territory. He took this position for 4 years in Abuja. He is also a participant of APC. The man has been chosen as the governor on elections in Nigeria. In addition, he was the federal adviser.

El-Rufai biography

By hearsay, the governor was in voluntary retirement during board of Umaru Yar'Adua. Despite the risk, he has decided to come back to the position in 2009.


Officials are always doing because it is profitable, that this is not ymetsya, he decided to destroy the labor legislation. Perhaps it is not the state Pinos much benefit as they want to remove the unions snap and do something better for the people because there are no forces and funding. If people will not protect their interests, the government will do everything because they feel good, if a long time to be silent and destroy everything. And leave people with nothing, and themselves run away from what the island and they will not care about how people live. So you can not give up, if you need it, you have to fight to the end.

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