Why Finance Ministry staff protests in Abuja?

Learn what Finance Ministry workers demand from their boss and why they strike.

Why Finance Ministry staff protests

Unpaid allowances seem to be one of the common problems for many Nigerians. Even those working in the Finance Ministry have to cope with it.

Why did staff workers of the Finance Ministry of Nigeria protest?

On June 20 the workers of the Federal Ministry of Finance gathered around the office in Abuja. They surrounded the building not allowing anybody in, including the Finance Minster Mrs. Kemi Adeosun. That was their form of protest against unpaid allowances.

 Ministry staff protests in Abuja?

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Overall the workers did not receive more than 1.2 billion naira. This money had to be paid for their overtime work. Since 2014 they got nothing to compensate their extra hours spent in the office. People believe that Mr. Adeosun is not doing a good job as a Minister. They demand her to leave and they want to get a new boss.

 Finance Ministry staff protests in Abuja?

On the other hand the minister says that special allowance was not stopped by her. The former administration canceled it back in 2014. Neither she, nor the Ministry is under any obligation to pay the extra fees for their work. After all Finance Ministry workers may not be in the worst position in the country to strike!

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