Why Goodluck Jonathan is against Nigeria's disintegration?

Why former president thinks that disintegration may destroy Nigeria and the country will be forgotten? Read this article and learn why Goodluck Jonathan is against the fragmentation of Nigeria.

goodluck jonathan and buhari

Recently, on the third of Wednesday, the former president Goodluck Jonathan visited President Buhari in Abuja.  The former president also claimed that he and other leaders are trying to find the solution to the crisis in Niger Delta.

The country will be forgotten

Goodluck Jonathan is sure that Nigeria must be united. He thinks that oil is not something Nigeria is famous for. The world knows about the country because of something else. The reason is its size, human resource, and diversity.

Jonathan visits Buhari

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Former president warns that if the country is fragmentized into small pieces, it will be forgotten by the world. Therefore, he tries to solve the problem by the way of collective work with other leaders. His intervention has already averted the declaration of the Republic of Niger Delta by the militants.

However, Goodluck Jonathan refused to speak about anti-corruption war, which was waged by the current administration. That had revealed many wrongdoings during his tenure.

Jonathan visits President Buhari

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