Why is Buhari destroying Nigeria?

Why people of Democratic Party think that president Bihari destroys Nigerian economy? How did inflation increased in comparison with the last year? Read the article to learn all details about Buhari politic.

Buhari will destroy Nigeria

Buhari latest news

Buhari news – people of Democratic Party claimed that president Buhari destroys Nigeria completely. The opposition part on Wednesday has hurled the main accusation on administration of Muhammadu Buhari. PDP has made the comment in the statement reacting to recently release economic indexes by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The statistics released by NBS has shown several negative indexes and reduction of growth in economy during the first half of year. The director of PDP, Deji Adeyanju, has specified in the statement that statistical data were an indicator of incompetence of administration of Buhari. He has quoted negative GDP, growth of inflation and indicators of unemployment. In the statement of PDP, it was said:

'Indicators have indicated absolute incompetence of Presidential Administration. These numbers indicate about what we repeatedly spoke for last 15 months – the Nigerian president cause destruction of Nigeria. For prevention of doubts, we present you some of these numbers: GDP -2.06% in the 2nd quarter 2016. On the contrary, the economy has grown by 2.35% in the 2nd quarter 2015. Q2 was worse, than reduction of -0.36% of economy in 1 quarter 2016. Inflation reaches 17.1%. It has increased from 16.5% in June 2016. Food inflation has made 15.58% for July 2016. Portfolio investments have decreased approximately to $245.3 million in the 2nd quarter 2016. It represents 9.5% of $271.0 million in 1 quarter 2016 in comparison with $2.81 billion in the 2nd quarter 2015.

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FDI has decreased from $211.1 million in the 2nd quarter 2015 and $174.4 million in 1 quarter 2016 approximately to $133.0 million in the 2nd quarter 2016. PDP has added further that the result of these indexes consists that Nigeria is in the worst economic state for 29 years, at that time when the country had to take sharp steps to recover after policy of the president Buhari 1984-85. We transfer hard times when the brightest talents leave the country in search of the better life in other place. Buhari will destroy Nigeria'.

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