Why is Goodluck Jonathan said to be connected with Niger Delta militants?

What hides beyond Niger Delta Avengers? Wha hides the former president Goodluck Jonathan? Are they connected?

ormer president Goodluck Jonathan

According to new intelligence reports, the former president Goodluck Jonathan has links and connections with the terrorist group Niger Delta Avengers. It`s worth noticing that this organization is responsible for the terrorist attacks on the oil platforms in Nigeria. Their actions toward the factories and bombardments caused tremendous economic loss to the suffering budget of Nigeria. The rebels announced their claims to the government a few months ago, but it seems that the real nature of their attacks is not that mysterious. Referring to the reports, the NDA accused the former president in the sponsorship of the militia. Goodluck Jonathan denies all accusations in his address.

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former president

Government officials confessed that Mr. Goodluck had a plan B if he failed the elections in 2015. Supposedly, the NDA claims that the explosives on Oil factories were installed when Goodluck Jonathan was in power. It took some connections and loyalty of the militants to set the explosives. When Mr. Goodluck was defeated in the elections. The NDA launched their campaign, but at that time they were stopped by the former president. Nevertheless, when Muhammadu Buhari started the rearrangement in the oil sector of Nigeria, which is the most profitable business in the country, the NDA appeared again and began a full-scale campaign against the government forces.

Mr. Goodluck

The NDA planned to launch the full-scale independence of the Niger Delta swiftly after the defeating of the ex-president. Nevertheless, they were stopped. It`s supposed that the oil sector of the economy is crucial for actual and former president. The NDA has a desire to proclaim their independent republic in the most oil part of the country, which is unlikely just a coincidence. Moreover, the former President fear that the issues about the Oil sector and NDA may take him and his family under the pressure. Mr. Goodluck denies all accusations.

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