Why is nation building important

Do you agree that nation building is important? Read this article to find out what are the reasons for that!

The role of nations and ethno-national relations in the political life is sometimes underestimated. While considering the question why is nation building important today, it is necessary to note the fact that each of us belongs to a certain nationality.

nation building

Nationality itself means belonging to a certain ethnic community ("ethnos" means “community” in Greek language). You can learn about the things like gender, race, nationality, nation in the course of history and philosophy.

Their development is connected with the growth of the productive forces and economic ties. As we go further with the history, economic and cultural relations increase. This way all these components form a nation.

The nation is the most developed ethnic community. It was formed during a long historical period. It is basically a result of mixing the representatives of different tribes and nationalities.

The people of one nation as a rule have the same economic relations, language and culture. It doesn’t include any biological features.

They arise and get formed throughout the entire social development. And today humanity is represented by a lot of diverse nations. There are a lot of unique tribes and nationalities, which are associated with a specific variety of economic, cultural and social conditions of life.

building a nation

In the process of changing of the ethnic groups, the whole system changes too. One of the specific features is an ethnic differentiation of a group.

Later this ethnic group is willing to develop itself. It pursuits the national independence in terms of economy, politics and culture. This trend is called national.

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Second feature is making the union among the nations (it is also called international integration). This trend contributes to the expansion of relations between the different ethnic groups. It also reduces the borders and improves the perception of everything that has been created by other nations.

 It deepens economic relations and develops the communication in terms of culture, etc... These features are connected to each other. They are based on objective economic and socio-cultural needs.

Building a nation has always been taking place throughout the history of mankind.

Why is nation building so important?

nation building

It contributes to the progress of the civilization and self-cultivation. Moreover, it increases mutual understanding, trust, friendship and peace.

All in all, it even influences the development of the human personality.

Humanity has existed for millions of years and there have always been certain relationships between the communities which later became nations. Domestic relation is the relationship between the people belonging to one nation and the representatives of the other nations, ethnic groups and government agencies.

The problem of ethnic relations has always taken an important place in the political life of the multi-ethnic country. This is understandable because no problem can be solved without taking inhabitants into consideration. Ethnic Relation is a complex socio-political system.

rainbow nation

The national inequality, the national exploitation and oppression is a reality. It took place in the past but it is still going on. The so-called national question is also not a thing of the past.

This division of nations to privileged and unequal people causes the uneven level of economic and cultural development of the various nations. There is still the atmosphere of ethnic hatred and strife in some countries.

Each of these elements of the national question can have different degrees of tension. But if you still ask yourself why is nation building important in South Africa, here is the simple answer.

 It creates the integrity and makes a community stronger especially when we’re having hard times.


A strong nation is the main condition of prosperity in any historical conditions, especially the modern.

The importance for the formation of the nation consciousness of the commonality of historical destinies can be seen in the following historical example. During the Second world War Hitler's plan of blitzkrieg was based on the erroneous assumption that the Soviet people – a nation split along ethnic and class lines; the unity is retained only by force and at the first sign of weakness of the state – military defeats – "the unbreakable unity of the Soviet peoples" "sink into oblivion".

A strong state is vital for the birth of the nation.

The need for a "national idea" critical to multi-ethnic Nations; although a mono-ethnic will be "loose" in the absence of a shared value system or common ideals. Ethnic homogeneity does not imply initially unity and cohesion, as argued by nationalist parties.

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