Why is the man who named his pet dog after Nigerian president arrested again?

Recently Mr. Joe Chinakwe was re-arrested, there are certain reasons for this, which were explained by the Nigeria Police Force officials. No prize for guessing that there is a continuation of the story.


Two days ago Nigeria Police Force (The Ogun State Police Command) has re-arrested the man – Mr. Joe Chinakwe – because according to the police his actions were able to cause an ethnoreligious crisis in the region. Among other things, the law enforcement agency made a statement that this time he would be accused in the court.

As we know, a few days before releasing, Chinakwe was charged with such an offence as calling his dog as Buhari. Let’s remind - since 29 May 2015, the position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is held by Muhammadu Buhari.

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Having experienced the immediate intervention of the Serkin Hausa and President-General of non-indigenes in the state, this accused trader was then let free after the detention – urged to spend up to 3 days in custody. One of his neighbors, who was some time later found out to be a person to make a complaint - the dog was called in honour of his father, Alhaji Buhari.

It became known that thankfully to the intervention of the oldest it was possible to withdraw the materials of the case in the Sango-Ota Department. Also, The Police informed that after the release of the accused trader, who is, by the way, a father of two children, he was obliged, on the demand of the Police, to give an official statement that he is not going to cause a violation of public tranquility and order.


In connection with these events, the suspect’s detention two days ago has turned a new page on the matter that has sparked a new wave of interest from public. Nevertheless, the state’s Public Relations Officer has told the reporters that Mr. Joe Chinakwe was re-arrested two days ago in order not to allow the country and the government to come down with a run into the crisis, adding the information that the subsequent applicant had already threatened to murder the suspect.

According to the law enforcement agency in Nigeria the main reason why the man, who named his pet dog after Nigerian president, was arrested again is that the Nigerian officials are deeply concerned about the suspect’s life, because what he did was highly provocative, and as a result - received threatening towards Mr. Joe Chinakwe. Now he is going to be charged in the court this week.

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