Why is there fuel scarcity in Nigeria?

Why do people suffer from fuel scarcity in Nigeria? Learn about some reasons behind it and get the update.

The beginning of 2016 was marred in Nigeria by fuel scarcity. People had hard times fueling their car tanks and getting around. Many businesses related to transportation services also suffered from the lack of gas for their car fleet. Just a short while ago the FG promised people to end the fuel scarcity and resume proper work of Lagos schools (which also had taken the halt in their operation).

fuel scarcity in nigeria

Why  Nigeria fuel scarcity persists?

Earlier this month the government announced that it was caused mainly by the panic among people, who rushed to the gas stations and caused fuel shortage. However, even after bringing over some fuel to Lagos and other Nigerian cities, the situation did not improve. Many believe that the buying panic is only a secondary reason for fuel scarcity. And the main reason is corruption in the oil sector.

no gas in nigeria

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There is the opinion that fuel scarcity in Lagos and other places was caused by the trouble with fuel subsidy and lies told by the Federal Government to Nigerians.

Fuel scarcity today: what NNPC does to solve the problem?

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation reported that it has actually loaded almost 1200 trucks and sent them away nationwide. According to the NNPC data over 830 million liters has already been received and the uploading process was started.  

Fuel scarcity update

nigeria fuel scarcity

Still most depots are empty and petrol is nowhere to be had. The whole situation may be a sabotage of the Federal Government efforts to stabilize the market and stop the fuel scarcity. DPR threatens to punish all parties involved in it. All such dishonest marketers could be spotted and arrested right away.

Hopefully the situation with the fuel scarcity soon would be over and Nigerians would have nothing to worry about. 


In one of the largest States-exporters of oil not enough oil. According to local media, the deficit provoked Nigerian producers and importers of petroleum products. The fact that the authorities owed them more than $ 1 billion. experts see the current fuel shortage purely economic reasons.

Nigeria is the largest oil producing country in Africa, producing 2 million barrels per day. In addition, the country is among the five leading world exporters of liquefied natural gas. However, Nigeria is forced to import enormous amounts of fuel due to the catastrophic shortage of its refinery capacity.

The fall in oil prices, reduction in foreign exchange earnings, and the collapse of the national currency seriously complicate the import of petroleum products into the country. This was the reason for the occurrence in Nigeria of shortages of fuel and electricity.

Answered 1 year ago.

The disappearance from fuel sales means that soon the price is too high. Organized this fuel problem of the people who earn on the price increase for fuel. These are the people who derive income from the transport and sale of fuel. This experience is used very often in non-democratic countries. So you can earn on products that need to be bought every day. For example food, water, alcohol. But the easiest way to get money on fuel. Because, it will not replace related products. To punish these organizers are very difficult because gasoline is not essential for the life of the product, as milk or bread.

Answered 1 year ago.

fuel deficit is still not the worst problem of the country. When people lived and were good without all these privileges. Now many countries have a very difficult situation, the main thing to believe in the best, and all will be well. The most important thing now is people's lives that would have been less any different diseases and disasters, because human life is none of this is worth it. And as the fuel is gone and come, it will not remain without. Panicking is not necessary, it's just a waste of nerves. I hope that this situation vivedut officials to normal.

Answered 1 year ago.
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