Why Melaye threathened to rape and beat Tinubu?

Senator Melaye threathened to rape and beat colleague Tinubu. What is the reason? Did he hurt her or any other Senator? You’ll find out all the newest information here right now!

Melaye threathened Tinubu

Oluremi Tinubu, Senator, who is representing Lagos Central, in letters dated 18 July, said to the Senate chairman, Bukola Saraki and National Chairman of (APC) All Progressives Congress, Chief John Oyegun, that well-known Senator Dino Melaye had threatened to attack her during the Senate Executive Session on July 12. She also noted that Melaye is very dangerous to her and also the Senate.

‘The totality of this offense was assault on my person, as a senator, as a woman and a law-abiding Nigerian citizen’

Senator Dino

‘I make the cautionary step of filing this letter in order to find the proper way that will protect me from criminal attacks on the Senate floor (or anywhere else) that I and other legislators can exercise their rights as senators to represent our constituencies in order and decorum befitting this sacred chamber’.

‘I'm writing that such misconduct as a senator Melaye has shown shouldn't ever be repeated against me or some other senator, so that the reputation and the vital functions of our Senate of Nigeria as a respectful advisory authority, which cannot be undermined,’ Tinubu said.

She noted that last week ‘after the incorrect eruption Melaye senator,’ but the Senate leadership is silent and has not responded to his threatening misconduct. 

‘So this is a serious breach should not pass by, I formally submit for this record, that I am opposed to reckless misconduct Melaye senator’.

‘What he did was totally unjustified and contrary to established all customs and norms that govern the authority members' behavior’.

Dino Melaye

‘For just expressing his opinion and view on the floor of Nigerian Senate, which is a fundamental right and also duty of every legislator, I was insulted and threatened by our Senator Dino Melaye’.

She added that Melaye ‘used explicitly sexist and misogynist language, which is offensive to every Nigerian woman and attacks each person who really believes that gender discrimination has no place in Nigeria, which we are trying to create and build for ourselves and all our future generations’.

Melaye against Tinubu

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Senator Tinubu also added: ‘Even if Melaye is properly disciplined, it's still a danger to me and also to the Senate as he has promised twice in one week, to attack me’.

Despite her refusal to say anything publicly about the incident, she said Melaye had paraded his terrible offense in public places as if to threaten a woman senator is a sign of pride.

Oluremi Tinubu called on the Senate leadership ‘to acknowledge the seriousness of this situation and, of course, take appropriate action’.

In description of the incident, Senator Tinubu said to Odigie-Oyegun: ‘The thing that happened in this session was more than a threat of physical violence and abuse against me by Melaye Senator’.

Remi Tinubu

‘I would like to place on record for the party this official complaint in hope that the party will act accordingly to punish Melaye senator for his harmful behavior.

Thus, the party will confirm its policy of zero tolerance for gender-based discrimination and to restore his reputation as a vehicle for positive change, rather than a lever regression and intolerance towards women’.

Explaining how on July 12 Melaye attack happened, Senator Tinubu told: ‘I was duly recognized by the Chairman of the Senate after Senator Melaye communicated with and berated some colleagues in the Senate over their perceived role in a court case related to the Senate leadership.

Although I was silent and did not try to interject during his speech, Senator Melaye tried to cut my rights as a senator by hectoring at me and also interrupting my contribution’.

APC senator

Tinubu also said that at one point, she warned Melaye, and other senators were there with the same rights as he and represented their voters.

Oluremi Tinubu continued: ‘In a fit of anger apparent, Melaye senator charged on me that can only be seen as an attempt to physically attack me. The attack was prevented by some senators who moved to obstruct his path, or otherwise block him to approach closer to me. I thank the senators for their sense of decency and personal courage’.

‘Senator Melaye had hurled foul and very vulgar language at me. What this person said shouldn’t ever be heard in any public place or institution and let alone the floor of our Senate. Criticizing me, as a woman, Senator Melaye threatened to beat me exactly on the floor of Nigerian Senate simply because I dared to express my own views different from his’.

APC Melaye

Oluremi Tinubu added: ‘ I was ranking senator and a woman, but Melaye senator did not take it into account of how he issued threats of rape and assault, while boasting that he did not face any consequences, even if he made these criminal threats’.

‘Compounding the terrible damage done by Senator Melaye is the fact that we are both from APC. Therefore, I have to report about this incident. And it also gives me a great concern, because the Senate leadership is still silent on the matter, as if they are condoning the inappropriate behavior of Senator’.

Oluremi Tinubu

Tinubu asked party to investigate the case in order to restore the moral authority and public image of the party and APC members of the Senate’.

‘Thus, we can show that we reject the illegal actions that hurt our nation and also the people for so long. And only if we rapidly act against these vagaries, our people will really believe that we are committed to all reforms we have already promised them. We have to begin with our own members making them know how to behave right, according to the etiquette befitting.

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