Why Niger Delta Avengers threatened but didn't launch missiles?

What damage did Niger Delta Avengers bring to the enterprises of Nigeria? Do threats continue again? Read the information below to learn the latest news about this military group.

Why Niger Delta Avengers threatened but didn't launch missiles

After continuous stops in production, shutdown of the electricity and force majeure declared on some places of production of oil, which has created difficulties for delivery of crude oil to large buyers, Niger Delta Avengers continue to threaten economic life of Nigeria. For the last months NDA has organized many attacks on the oil installations belonging to Shell, ENI and Chevron and has made big damage to the export of production last month.

Nigeria has taken place as the leading producer of Africa. However, recently it has lost this position after manufacture in country has gone down from 2.2 million barrels a day to 1.5 million barrels per day. It happened after destructions caused by recent increase of aggressive attacks on oil and gas refineries.

Niger Delta Avengers

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Though some oil productions compensated it with surtaxes, Niger Delta Militants continued to attack, and the group has sworn to reduce Nigerian production to zero. The Reuters agency has reported that HPCL of India was forced to cancel last month the vessel, which was rented for transportation of 2 million barrels of the West African crude oil because of the situation caused by Niger Delta Avengers. Pertamina from Indonesia, other frequent buyer, has also made the decision not to buy Nigerian grades of oil in the recent tenders. Dealers have told that Pertamina has changed its preferences after attacks and increasing uncertainty though the first vice-president of the company has told Agency Reuters that Pertamina controls Nigeria, but now still doesn't decide on purchase of crude oil.

Niger Delta Militants

Decline in demand means that Nigeria doesn't benefit by its activity because of attacks on the enterprises which are responsible for development of electricity.

Even cleaning plants on American East coast, which were one of the main buyers of Nigerian crude oil, have begun to refuse. Meanwhile attacks and threats from Niger Delta Militants continue. More than half a million barrels of oil were simply gone. Meanwhile, the last attack of this terrorist group has happened on Chevron. It has caused large destructions on oil production, which has fallen from 2.2 to 1.6 m of bpd for the last several weeks. Though there was no official confirmation, Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) in a number of tweets wrote that they take responsibility for explosion.

Niger Delta Militants 1

In addition, the group reported that all this was shown especially for general public. They will never begin to discuss it with federal government. The last economic sabotage undertaken by terrorists is a destruction of the export limit pipeline on Forcados Shell located in communities of Ogulagha and Odimodi in the field of Local authority last Friday. Nigerian sea vessel (the Delta of NNS) declared that they have arrested suspected commander-in-chief of NDA. The suspect whose name wasn't revealed, as it was supposed, is the head of a series of attacks on oil and gas installations in the delta of Niger, especially in the state of Delta. The suspect was arrested last Thursday in the morning in the city, which is located near Warri.

Niger Delta Avengers 1

However, despite it, threats continue, and locals are interested in the main issue: Why Niger Delta Avengers threatened but didn't launch missiles?

There is no certain answer on this question, but there are several versions. Someone believes that it has happened because of bad weather conditions, which didn’t allow launching missiles. Someone claims that Niger Delta Avengers have never denounce to do it – it was other military group. Anyway, the final answer on this issue is still must be given.

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