Why Nnamdi Kanu loses in court?

Why is Nnamdi Kanu upset these days? Learn about the new court ruling.

Nnamid Kanu, who claims to be the leader of IPOB, has been under trial for treason. Learn what happened in the appeal court.

Why Nnamdi Kanu loses in court

Was Nnamdi Kanu request declined?

Earlier the Federal High Court has produced a ruling on this case. Nnamdi Kanu from Biafra has filed application to the appeal court wanting to cancel that ruling. He received a heavy blow, as that application got dismissed.

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Biafra leader wanted to be released from prison on bail, but the court considers the possibility of him escaping from Nigeria, as he has double citizenship.  On May 25th the decision was made and by all means it was not welcomed by Kanu.

His application was about a “strange procedure” as he stated it. The court sees nothing strange in it and sees no violation of the human rights and freedom of the person under trial. Justice Aboki strongly hinted at the possibility of Mr. Kanu leaving to UK and staying there to prevent the trial from its logical finish. We will see what happens next in this long term trouble which brews up in Nigeria.


If the judge so there for that, and will not find it released. But now, a world that can not be judged guilty man who does not do anything, or can knock that would be admitted, or substitute. In such cases razbiratsya schatelno need very quickly. I've been watching for a long time for this situation, and this article was very interesting to me. We will wait for the news and continue what the result will be, how much to condemn, or even release, forward prodolzheniya general. What will happen to a man for treason, because it does not have such a terrible zlochin.

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