Why Rotimi Amaechi should resign?

Why did Nigerian Senated called the transportation minister Amaechi to resign? Read the breaking news now.

Nigerian political life and news is quite lively. So many events take place during the beginning of 2016 and some of the political news is astonishing. First comes the CCT trial of Bukola Saraki, Senate President and demands for him to resign. And now we have the rumors of Rotimi Amaechi resignation.

Why Rotimi Amaechi should resign?

Reasons why Senate demands Rotimi Amaechi to resign

It seems like the Lagos-Calabar rail line has become the stumbling stone for the Minister of Transport of Nigeria. This project is the part of Nigerian budget 2016. Over the last days media has buzzed much about the Lagos – Calabar rail line and about the whole budget being too controversial. The president Buhari has not signed it and has not turned it into the law yet.

 Rotimi Amaechi should resign?

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Amaechi should resign?

The rail line project has become the issue with the budget. Seems like it was not even included into the copy and given to the president. While Amaechi states it was. The Senate demands the minister to produce proofs to support his words. Eventually on April 11, 2016 the Senate called Rotimi Amaechi to resign his position as the head of the transport ministry. Still Nigerians did not take kindly to such an offer. They got buzzing on social media about the thing and showed very negative reaction to it. Follow the news and see how the situation resolves. 


Everything has a shelf life, and even ministers. All politicians and officials are working only when they came to work, and then when there was some service time, begin roslablyatsya and do not fulfill their duties. That's why you have to go down, because there are new people on his chair that will make effective work. Or is that something is not shared between them, so send some others to resign. Certainly an interesting topic, and for a long time, you can discuss it, but it does not change the essence, and it all comes down to one.

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