Why Yakubu Doraga grieves – the death of the Reps member

Has death made it to the house of representatives in Nigeria? Learn more about Onwana death.

Of late Nigeria had many tragic events taking place. A lawyer died right during the court session. Now Doraga and All Progressive Congress mourns the death of Hon. Musa Baba Onwana.

Musa Baba Onwana

Musa Baba Onwana biography

The man was 50 years of age, when he died. He was the lawmaker for two assemblies – 7th and the 8th. And was a rep for Nasarawa state. The first time he was elected back in 2011 and then once again in 2015. He passed away on March 17, 2016.

Yakubu Doraga

The entire House of Representatives and its speaker Yakubu Doraga give tribute to their ex colleague. They all describe the late lawmaker as a nice, open and reliable person.The death was rapid and its cause is still unknown.  The funeral arrangements are still to be made.

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Late Owana started his career as the teacher at Government Secondary School. Made progress to be the tutor at Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. Such political news in Nigeria as so sad. R.I.P. Hon. Musa Baba Onwana.

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