Why Zimbabwe’s Government shut down the Internet?

Do you know what are the reasons for shutting down the internet in Zimbabwe? Check out this article to find out!

shutdown zimbabwe

The government of Zimbabwe and its President Robert Mugabe are under attack by a group of hacker called Anonymous Africa. They’ve launched a series of attacks against the systemic corruption, as they claim. These attacks are combinated with massive protests around the whole country. People of Zimbabwe insist on resignation of president Robert Mugabe who has been controlling the country for last 36 years!

protests in zimbabwe

It was reported that the attacks on the Zimbabwean government website had disrupted the online service of the Zimbabwe’s official portal (zim.gov.zw), ZANUPF – Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (zbc.co.zw).
The protests in Zimbabwe have been organized thanks to the social media resources like in any other country nowadays. It is said, that the messenger  WhatsApp was an instrument for bringing people together. Last Wednesday, the Internet in Zimbabwe was completely shut down. It was made by the government to prevent the growing of this movement. The local papers were also banned from reporting.
Despite of it all, hashtag #ShutdownZimbabwe is now one of the most trending topics across the Africa. So, the Anonymous had noticed this situation. As it followed they had launched #OpShutdownZimbabwe, it was a series of attacks to shut down the governmental web pages. The authorities of Zimbabwe still attempt to shut down the internet for the population.

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