Will Islam take over the world?

What do you know about the current situation in the world? What should Islams expect from EU and USA? Will Islam take over the world and how the world is going to respond? Read the article to find out!


Islam is only second to Christian religion in the world but it seems that Muslims may intend to change this balance. According to the world records, the Islam population of the Earth is 1.6 billion people. Most of these people, which estimates over 75 percent, live in Muslim states like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran… Nevertheless, other 25 per cent of Muslims lived outside the Muslim countries created a strong antipathy for the Christian world. That`s why the Europe and America express their fears that Islam will rule the world. The election campaign in the USA provided a group of sceptics, especially from Republicans side that Islam can be a threat to the EU and USA nations.


Islam USA

The last massacre in Orlando Gay club is claimed to be the second to 911 terrorist attack in the USA history. The terrorist attacked homosexuals and justified his actions by Islam Sacred Book – Koran, where The Prophet gave instructions of unacceptance of homosexual relationship. This kind of relationship can even be punished by death and many Islamic extremists can be granted a place in the Heaven for killing gays. For the United States, it means a violation of freedoms on which the USA is based. Also, it threatens the security of the country which the USA can`t tolerate.


Furthermore, the terrorists, who were largely representatives of Islam and some of them justified their atrocities to the USA citizens as demands of Allah, attack on America provide some intolerance to the Muslim migration to the USA. Americans fear that by allowing more immigrants from these countries they would likely to not tolerate the basis on which the USA grounds. Furthermore, the sociology researchers, conducted by numerous social institutes of the USA, confirms that around 20 % of the USA Muslims justifies the actions of ISIS in the Middle East and the same quantity of people support Caliphate. In the researchers took part only Muslims who were grown up in the USA and have degrees in its colleges and Universities.


Islam Europe

The continuance war in Syria and the general unstable situation in the Middle East and North Africa provoked thousands of refugees seek a better life in Europe. The European Union countries were not able to manage such large waves of people fleeing from their homes. The initial tries of Europe were based on providing help for refugees but its waves seem to be endless. The increase of violence on the borders of Europe and especially sexual harassment cases in the New Year Night in Cologne, questioned Europe citizens if they desire this kind of neighbourhood. European Union Statistics shows that around 80 % of migrants are males from age 16 to 45. Moreover, the privileges to Islam refugees seems to not have measured. Ten years ago, BBC showed the documental film about how refugees of Iraq lives in Great Britain and compared this kind of assistance of the government to the assistance of soldiers fought in Iraq. As it was mentioned in the film, the family of Iraq refugees were provided with one house, which also had good furniture, government grant payment for several thousand pounds for every member of the family and also a free school, medical assistance, no bill payment… On the other hand, British TV viewers could witness the life of the soldier who left both his legs in Iraq and now had to live in a dormitory, work in a supermarket and pay for high price medication to ease the phantom pain.

Middle-East and North Africa

Islam Africa

The Middle-East countries are filled with corruption within their borders. Even between representatives of one nation, it`s obvious to witness endless conflicts due to attachment of one of the rival Islamic group, like Sunnis and Shia. Moreover, the governments of these countries see the reasons of their countries ill-living in Christians, they especially desire to Blame USA and EU. The Islamic religion leaders openly manifest to believers that they should invade to these European countries and spread the word of Allah.


Even so, their words can be estimated in a peaceful way, the unwillingness of Muslims in acceptance and tolerance of European and American cultures provokes thread to these worlds. The poverty of most regions of Middle-East and North Africa and constant warfare provokes people to seek better future in Europe and USA. Nevertheless, most of these people desire not accept traditions of regions they travel and sometimes openly pose a threat to the citizens of Europe nations. In rare cases, these refugees return to their homelands. The government subsidies of Europe and tolerance provokes refugees to not leave these countries but pull out their relatives from previous homelands and live there.

Asia, South America and Australia

Islam Eu

The situation with Islam groups is not certain in Asia. Still, there are radicals who fight against the West of Asian countries but most of the Muslims expectedly live amongst Asian cultures provoking no threats. Even if there are conflicts, they usually arouse either between Muslims that represent different groups of Islam. The conflicts on the basis of different religious groups can be witnessed on the West of China and India. This kind of countries usually suffers from Buddhist extremist attacks.


South America is one of the regions that have the true minority of Islam terrorist attacks. Nevertheless, this region also has a potential for Islam World. Australia due to its distance from the world terrorism and neutral policy to the other countries also did not suffer constant terrorist attacks but its citizens were victims of Islam terrorist groups.

Nevertheless, countries of these regions also lie in the sphere of Islam extremists, that`s why they also take measures in preventing terrorist attacks.

What is the current demographic situation?


The World Statistics estimates that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Their population continues to growth where Christian population provides negative tendency in growth. The fertility rate of Europe is quite variable but all of them provide negative growth. If Europeans and Americans continue to live in this way their nations may be doomed. According to statistics, the fertility rate for some European countries is next Spain 1.1, France 1.2, England 1.3, Germany 1.3, Belgium 1.3. What do these numbers mean? It means that for two parents most families in these countries have 1 child. Where the numbers for Muslim families can be up to 4-5 children. Furthermore, the fertility rate for the Islam countries is next Turkey 8.3, Iraq 7.1, Iran 6.2. For saving the culture on the same level of existence it`s necessary that fertility rate does not go below 2.3 but Europeans continue to follow the negative trend. Furthermore, the negative economic situation in countries of Europe and America provide the tendency of low marriage rate. Due to the high cost of family existence, most of the EU and USA citizens prefer to marry in their late twenties and even thirties, where they desire to have the firstborn in their late thirties after career success.



The Islamic state is a current terrorist group which take over the major lands of Arabic countries. They continue to grow and gather new adepts across the world. They claim that their main goal is to establish Caliphate. It`s an interesting situation that they also gather soldiers from EU countries. Young Muslims educated in EU Universities from families with good income – express the desire to serve in ISIS. Certainly, if Europe and the USA won the economic war they didn`t manage to secure their positions on culture and media war. ISIS claim that the Great Caliphate should be restored and Muslims should rule over the World. The Yong Muslims from Europe claims that the poverty of Middle-East region was caused by conqueror wars waged by EU countries from crusaders time to colonial and modern resource stealing. They believe that EU and USA should pay for what they are done to their religion and countries. That`s why Jihad for ISIS is inevitable as the Crusader Campaign was inevitable for Middle-Age Europe.


In the same time, does it mean that the history starts the same patterns again? It was well known that one of the reasons for crusader campaign was poverty and despair of Europeans. The Holy religion did not provide food, there were too many battles within borders of the countries. The Lords kept waging war with each other and the Saint Church was filled with corruption. To prevent decline of believers to the Church, to prevent inner conflicts based on religion or economic matters.


The Church invented a common enemy, for their logic, everything that happens in the Christian world was caused by Muslims. The Church insisted, that Christian suffers because Holy Sepulcher is in hands of Heretics. The only way for people to expiate their sins was fighting in that crusade. These reasons prevented Europe from starvation coups and civil strife. In the same time, it`s obvious that it didn`t help common people. Instead of concentrating on their own corruption, they struggled to the East and tried to find mercy of God in killing, raping and robbing. Do modern Muslims of Middle East desire to get this experience also?

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Europe nearest future


Ten years ago, sociologists of Europe predicted that by the year 2050 the half of Europeans would be Muslims.  They were right in some way, according to EU statistics, by the beginning of millennia, the 5 % of Europe were Muslims, by the beginning of the 2010s this number doubled and it keeps growing as the number of Muslim refugees keep growing. Europe greatest fear is to witness the Islamic States Instead Christian Democracies. According to the numerous sociology groups, about 51% of Muslims wish to see the resurrection of Caliphate. And about 20% of Muslims justifies any actions provided for succeeding in this goal including terrorist attacks. If the fertility tendency will keep declining in Christian families of Europe and the USA, it`s possible that the world will have changes for the nearest 50 years. If today number of Mosques prevail upon the number of Churches in Europe, their extinction can be a matter of time. Furthermore, if Europeans will continue their style of life and keep bringing no more than one child in a family, then Muslims will have an upper-hand and the map of Europe will be changed.

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