Will Nigeria be a world power?

What are the prerequisites of Nigeria to take the leading position in the list of world powers? What will the population of this country be by 2050? Read the article to learn these facts.

Will Nigeria be a world power

Each citizen of the country is interested in destiny of the state. Every person wants his homeland became the best in the world. Therefore, Nigerians often ask a question will Nigeria be a world power.

Can Nigeria became a world power?

There are several factors by which it is possible to determine the world power. Firstly, it is a big percent of the world population, ensuring the world with qualitative workers, scientist, etc. Secondly, it is a contribution to world economy and interaction with other countries. Let's look what of these qualities are possessed by Nigeria.

Can Nigeria became a world power

According to data of researchers, by 2100 practically every third inhabitant of the planet will be African, in connection with active demographic processes in Africa. It is stated in the report published by INED. Scientists have also reminded that in 2011 population of planet have exceed seven billion people, and further throughout the whole century the number of people on Earth will remain stable, being at the level of 9-10 billion. In the report it is highlighted that different rates of increase in population depending on the country and region will lead to considerable change of rating of the most inhabited countries.

If nowadays three leading countries are China, India and the USA, by 2050 India, which population is to reach 1.69 billion, will become the leader of the list. China will appear on the second place with the population of 1.31 billion people.

On the third place of population will be Nigeria for the first time with 433 million people. It will suppress the USA, which will land on the 4th position. Now Nigeria is on the 7th place in the list.

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Due to the active demographic processes in Africa, it is expected that by 2100 practically every third inhabitant of the planet will be an African. Nowadays about one seventh part from total number of inhabitants of the planet lives there.

African continent becomes object of special attention from the leading world powers again. In the countries of Africa, there is a production about 30% of liquid hydro carbonic raw materials and 25% of liquid natural gas. The significant contribution of the continent to the world-class growth of oil production will become very important for the world market, especially for the USA. This is the country, where the gap between internal production and import increases with very high rates.

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At the same time, the contribution of Africa to increase in volume of world reserves of energy carriers isn't limited to oil. New opportunities of the continent of natural gas production will allow increasing export of this type of fuel. At the end of 2005, Africa delivered 50 million metric tons of gas a year from 173 million tons made in the world, where Angola and Nigeria were the leading suppliers.

For 2014, Nigeria has almost doubled GDP: it has added 89%. Thus, Nigeria became the largest economy of Africa (510 billion dollars), having outstripped the Republic of South Africa and jumped from the 33rd place in the world on the 26th at once.

So can Nigeria become a world power? According to these facts, it can be said that it possibly can happen. Now Nigeria has quite progressive economy and big reserve of oil. Maybe several decades will pass, and Nigeria will become one of the most influenced countries in the world.

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