Will Olisa Metuh corruption trial be stopped?

What is the latest news from corruption trial? Read the article to learn more about politician scandal in Nigeria.

The trial of Olisa Metuh, who was accused of corruption, was among the latest Nigeria news. The court of Abuja made refusal on the appeal of Olisa Metuh, who asked to suspend process.

Olisa Metuh corruption trial

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By means of the lawyer, he tried to achieve to lead his case in the Supreme Court. However, members of the judicial commission considered this situation and have reported that case can take place only in the lowest instance. The chief judge told that it is wrong to submit such application from the appellant. But he has asked participants of corruption trial not to take this refusal into account. The address can be considered, but only in lower court, – the judge has declared.

corruption in Nigeria

At the same time the lawyer of Metuh has refused further work with him. In this regard the next meeting has been postponed for May 5.

We will remind that Olisa Metuh was accused for corruption in Nigeria. In November, 2014 he illegally collected the sum of N400 millions in NSA. Apparently from the latest news, the court hasn't come to the end yet.

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