Will president Buhari resign – is impeachment possible in Nigeria?

Will Nigeria have a new president sooner than it has expected? Find out more now.

Over the last 9 months there have been several incidents when the words “resign” or “impeachment” has sounded in regards to President Buhari. These days we wonder again: will Buhari resign?

buhari may resign

Six months ago Buhari dared to state that his age (he is 73 years of age now) could prevent him from fully functioning as the president. Back at that time PDP wished to impeach the president. They have even produced some “evidence” of why they demand resignation and how the age of Buhari negatively impacts his performance.

old and young buhari photo

Two months ago another trouble was brewed concerning the resignation. President Buhari has made statements during his election campaign to deal away with Boko Haram by the end of 2015. He announced that he will not resign over Boko Haram or things related to this terror organization, even if his promises would not come true. He intends to continue the fight being at the helm of Nigeria.

boko haram

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Nigeria Budget 2016 scandal and resignation – is it possible?

In the beginning of the year a huge scandal arose in Nigeria over supposedly stolen budget 2016 documents. January 12 the budget had to be voted by the Nigerian Senate. This has produced the delay of the discussion on the budget, which negatively impacts the whole country and its economy.

scandal over budget document loss 2016

Again the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is at the core of the conflict. It has set a demand for the National Assembly to impeach the president on the basis of being a part of the budget document related scandal.

Although they have not limited the demands to Buhari alone. They also seem to wish to for the governor of the Central bank to resign as well along with the Minister of Budget and Minister of Finance.

Will the president Buhari resign after all? Share your opinions with us now!

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