Will Robert Mugabe be able to live to 100 years of age?

Who is the oldest president and dictator in Africa? Get some must read facts now.

Nowadays people keep setting various records. The most striking one concerns the duration of life. It seems that Robert Mugabe wants to set a new one and to live up 100 years of age! Let’s find out more information about it.

Will Robert Mugabe be able to live to 100 years

Robert Mugabe biography

He was born in Zimbabwe (former Southern Rhodesia) in 1924. This man's one of the most prominent politicians, who has gone long way to become President of Zimbabwe.

In 1963, Mugabe initiated ZANU – a resistance movement against the colonial rule of Great Britain. Right after the end of it (in 1980), he was appointed to be a prime minister.

He became a head of country in 1987. Before this, he took up many different posts, including the following:

Robert Mugabe biography

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  • Non-Aligned Movement Secretary General (1986 – 1989),
  • The African Union Chairperson (2015 – 2016),
  • Zimbabwe Prime Minister (1980 – 1987).

This man has been reelected for several times as a president. However, there have been rumors about the fraud and voter intimidation. 

He has been for 36 years in power by now. And he is one of the oldest leaders in Africa.

President of Zimbabwe.

Age issue

The resent reports say that the current president of the country is planning to live up 100 years. Well, he is already 92, is still quite reasonable and has common sense. Robert Mugabe has also announced that he wants to be a president for life. In one of interviews, he has said that he does not need a successor yet. He is still here and ready to continue his work.  Thus, the politician is not going to retire.

Zimbabwe Prime Minister (1980 – 1987).

Some people keep talking about Mugabe leaving his office for his wife. However, the president has rejected this information. He even thinks that in democratic country, it's people’s right and obligation to vote for the leader. And any rumors concerning his wife inheriting the throne are ridiculous.

planning to live up 100 years

Being the leader of his party, Robert Mugabe is also an official candidate for Zimbabwe's presidential elections in 2018. In the case, if he wins and completes the term, he will be already 99. And according to the country's new constitution, it will be the last possible term for Mugabe. Well, it would be the greatest end of life for the prominent politician.

Will the Zimbabwe president be able to reach his purpose? Will he win the next elections? Let’s wait and see.

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