Will the 11th Economist Nigeria Summit really become “The Dawn of A New Day” for us?

Wish to live better? Find out more about the Economist Nigeria Summit 2016. These people are destiniy makers for Nigeria.

Another summit of The Economist is coming very soon. Where will this important event take place this time? And when will it be held? Let’s find out the latest news on the issue.

11th Economist Nigeria Summit

Nigeria summit Lagos

The Nigeria Summit was established eleven years ago. Nowadays it is considered one of the most important business events. A senior Africa Editor of The Economist – Jonathan Rosenthal – chairs the summit. Its main purpose is to observe all the economic and social progress of the country and to take a closer look at what the future will hold for Africa’s biggest economy.

Economist Nigeria Summit

Time and place of Nigeria summit Lagos

It is going to be the 11th annual Nigeria Summit this year. Many significant personalities will attend the event, including the main government ministries and business leaders as well as civil society representatives. Some international investors and economists will also take part in the summit. 

Time and place of Nigeria summit Lagos

The event will take place in Lagos at the InterContinental Hotel. It will start on the 7th of March and continues till the 8th of March. The subject was stated as follows: The Dawn of A New Day? Some economic directions for Nigeria are going to be debated. The experts will discuss possible opportunities and challenges, which Nigeria has recently faced. The issue of the dropped oil prices will be mentioned as well.

Time and place of Nigeria summit

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As we have mentioned, lots of people will come to attend the summit. Among them, there will be economists, business leaders, academics, and so on. Besides, it is vital to say about the selected speakers for the event. Their list includes the wealthiest personalities in government and commerce from all over the world. Among them, you will see:

Aliko Dangote on Economist Nigeria Summit

  • Aliko Dangote (President and CEO of Dangote Group and Chairman of Dangote Foundation),
  • Okechukwu Enelamah (Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment),
  • Yemi Osinbajo (Vice-president of the Nigerian Federal Republic),
  • Danladi Verheijen (CEO and Managing Director of Verod),
  • Herbert Wigwe (CEO of Access Bank).
    Okechukwu Enelamah on Nigeria Summit

There will also be many other speakers and panelists from various parts of Africa. According to the current estimations, there are going to be about 350 participants at the summit in total.

Issues to discuss

As it has been said, many economic problems and topics will be observed during the event. Of course, several positive things will be touched as well, including the one, which has been witnessed in the governance and in the socio-economic life of the people in general over the past 9 months of leadership of the President M. Buhari. The issues of economic growth will be discussed as well. Some improvements in the following spheres are necessary:

Issues to discuss on Economist Nigeria Summit

  • security,
  • independence from oil,
  • development of infrastructure,
  • holes in public finances,
  • political transparency,
  • job opportunities for the youth etc.
    11Economist Nigeria Summit 2016

Nowadays Nigeria is called the heart of the continent’s economic renaissance. Thus, its role in African and global development will be also observed during the forum.

The world will soon know the results of the event. We may witness some positive changes in Nigerian economy after this. 

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