Will the court halt Nnamdi Kanu trial any time soon?

Did you hear the latest news about Biafra trial? Read the information and you’ll learn it.

The latest Biafra news: federal court of Abuja has rejected statement of the representative of Biafra and its lawyer to stop Nnamdi Kanu trial. The judge has ordered to continue process as it was before.

Nnamdi Kanu

The judge Justice Tsoho said that he wouldn't give in on any provocation to stop the case. He has also condemned violent language of the lawyer who has signed the application. The judge declared that such defiant behavior will obviously not provide success to the lawyer.

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Biafra news

Kanu and its adherents were accused in court on six points. These are: traitorous crime, illegal order of firearms and others. They submitted the appeal on March 7. The court has allowed conducting a meeting at a chamber. However, IPOB has objected to it and has sent one more application. But the court rejected this appeal on Biafra case, relying on the recent law.

MASSOB were also already adjusted on release of Kanu. They declared: 'We have to combine our efforts and take advantage of release of Kanu to actualize Biafra. It is obvious that all statements against our leader were made unsuccessfully'.


If the judge is fair, it means doing the right thing. People who deserve punishment should he suffer for it in the response. For the money to buy back just can not, because a lot more pristupnikov can also redeem for money and what will happen then, people generally are afraid to leave their homes. I think that the judge doing the right thing. This is a very useful article for those who are trying to unfairly and money kupiit court. After all, is not that just might be, and have yet to equal responsibility for their actions, it is insulting not only that there are guilty people who are not rightly condemned, and which carry a punishment, but Bhagat pristupnikov walk free.

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