With News Organizations Glofiying Thieves, How Can We Change Nigeria?


I think it's a shame this news paper openly supports people like Ibori, Kalu and baby kidnappers ( MEND). they do that by considering these guys as heros . I specially challenge people from the south south to come out with inputs on this topic by maybe telling us something we don't know about what is going on in this part of the country. I personally believe that corruption should be fought locally first then nationally. by eradicating corruption in your local government then i think you can claim to separate from the rest of the country cause u are then immune from that disease called CORRUPTION.

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So these people are not corrupt, then oh i'am sorry it was Shekarau who is paying mend to kidnap babies, steal oil or maybe it was saraki

what i said obviously pertains to the whole country, Nigerian should all start combating corruption by any means from their localities then nationally

Freedom fighters; so why they kidnapping their own people. or maybe they trying to free themselves from their own people and making money in the process.

Maybe only when Ibori pay them to kidnap your mama then u will call them what they are: COWARDS


nobody is corrupt among ibori kalu and the niger delta.

these are freedom fighters. they are interested in getting a better life for the real owners of this crude oil.

nigeria has been living on this oil for a very long time.

hopw just is it that niger delta where the crude is coming from is the lowest when it comes to development in nigeria.

can such things happen in the north?

the answer is no. it is out of obj's jail mentality that denied the niger delta their rights in his madness to remain in power for ever and ever.

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