what is the nature of terrorism in nigeria

How can you describe the nature of terrorism in Nigeria.

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Terrorism in Nigeria provided this country the third place to the Global Terrorism Index in 2015. Due to terrorist attacks in the last two years, the recently largest oil producer in Africa is now ranked only the fourth. According to recent studies connected to the conflicts in the world, terrorism in Nigeria 2016 granted the bronze medal in this race of insecurity. Iraq gained the silver medal in this “competition” and Afghanistan the gold one. Even Syria and Pakistan stand in this rank after Nigeria. The closest country connected to the Nigeria with terrorism problem is Somalia. Terrorist attacks in Nigeria are deadlier than in USA and France.

Terrorism in Nigeria Boko Haram is two inseparable topics for the last years. Boko Haram is one of the terrorist groups situated in Nigeria and operating in close to Nigeria countries. They managed to set deadly attacks in Cameroon for the last years, where killed 530 people.

Terrorism in Nigeria connected with Boko Haram may continue to spread. Still, for this organization, the main task is to create the country where the main book would be Quran. Therefore, it means only Muslim allow to be in this country. Boko Haram stands against high education for girls. They stay against West cultures and liberties, like democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

The second organization as terrorism in Nigeria is Niger Delta Avengers. They became notoriously famous for terrorist attacks on pipelines. That made one of the strongest oil producers – one of the weakest players on the market. Nigeria still can`t handle the crisis provided by Niger Delta Avengers.

If we count to the whole picture, these three terrorist hazards, then it`s possible to count few resources for terrorist attacks:

-Lands – people fight for the land and resources of these land.

-Religious fanatics – these people fight for their ideology and religion. They have no tolerance for other religion or other freedoms.

-Ecology – according to the Niger Delta Avengers, they fight for better conditions for them and their families, clear out of the oil production.

-Equilibrium. False or real, one of more reasons for a terrorist to fight. They believe that the corruption and monopoly of the oil resources in the country should be divided equally between citizens and not be concentrated in one hand.

-Poor economic situation. Young men in Nigeria can`t find other types of gaining money, then to become terrorist.

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