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Is Nigeria Police Really To Protect?

[color=#990000]It's quite obvious that Nigeria Police will never be friendly as the case may be, despite how heartless they proved to be, some reasonable Nigerian still manage to motivate the shadow of our country (Nigeria) but how will a man feel to know that the same people he thinks his family can always pick up the phone and call upon in the time of danger happen to be the one that request for nothing else other than to sexually mess up with his daughter or even his wife? hmn! I hope I can find a heart to forgive The Nigeria Police as a whole. Things would have been so lighter if I'd not been a confirmative witness of the issue. It was on my way coming from my place of work on 22nd April 2006. I happened to be on a night duty which I have to close by 11pm, and their street check point happened to be very close to my house in Port Harcourt. though I've been stoped several time and I would only tender my Identity, just some minutes after I was asked to go, four average age girls were stopped and asked to pay for their release but unfortunately, non of them has cash to rescue themselves to my greatest surprise these girls were asked to lie down on a bear floor and got them Molested. What a shameful act, the greatest challenge that can happen to anyone in life, tell me how you would feel if your sister, wife or even a close friend of yours is Molested? can someone tell me what kind of country is this ours? When actually are we going to stop living under illusion in this country? is there a curse on Nigeria?

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