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NTA News: Do You Still Have Faith In Them?

Its happening again in NTA like it happened in the Tail end of Abacha days. NTA showed Nigerians how creative they can be with computer animations. They turned Abacha's military cap to civillian one, they only provide us with news of people who supported Abacha for civillian President. They told the whole world that Nigerians will die for Abacha. They said all sorts of thing.  When it all happened as God wanted it. They came up with the story of how Abacha's men censored their programmings.

Now its happening again. We are only seeing news of how the people supported Third Term. What do we believe now. Is there some cencorship going on? They should tell us. Or do we have to conclude? My question remains, do we still have faith on NTA?

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