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Do You Think You're Goodlooking? Come Here And Find Out

Hey guys no insult should be picked please,no curse words here just post in your pics and answers,and a public vote will be held after each 10 first posts in your presence...we looking out for the most handsome and intelligent guy in this land,me i know

Say i ugly o but nothing dey happen,i'll drop my pics later on.but make sure say your good looking o,if u wo wo(ugly) never mind,someone might see you as prince charming and vote you in to the final level...

let the contest begin...i believe your height and hobby would help so u can equally post those too.And a question to see how good you are :

what are the first 3 (three) things you would do if your giving a day as the president of United States of America, remember with great power comes great responsibility...

nb:only the ladies can judge...

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