how to develop mobile apps

how to program using visual basic to create mobile application that can be used in android and pcs

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Why to develop?

First, why do you want to build a mobile app? The answer to this question will determine whether your app will be effective or not.

Presently, Android is the mostly used application worldwide. To submit apps straight to Google Play, you will have to sign up for a Google Play Developer account.

Here is a guide to how to develop your mobile application. There are ten important stages. Here they are:

Stage 1. Get an idea. If you already have an application idea, move onto step two. If not, keep on reading. What you really need are problems, and they are everywhere! Fruitful entrepreneurs solve problems in a way that we could not have imagined.

Stage 2. Categorize the need. Endorsement will prove that a demand exists for your future application. You can confirm your idea by using the Google Keyword Planner tool to find the number of people seeking out what you will try to create.

Stage 3. Lay out the flow and features. Endorsement of your application idea means that you offer something that people desire to make use of. Now it is high time to detail your product onto a document.

Stage 4. Get rid of non-core features. From the flow and features document you prepared, start looking carefully at features that you can eliminate. Propose only the fundamental value of your application idea.

Stage 5. Put design first. Design is not just about how your application looks, but it is about how a client will experience it.

Stage 6. Hire a developer or a designer. Find a development company that has great design talent and a concrete development team. While hiring a developer, go online to check on their trustworthiness and the applications that they have already created.

Stage 7. Build developer accounts. You should register for a developer account with the respective application stores to be able to sell your app through their platform.

Stage 8. Incorporate analytics. Analytics will help you track downloads, user engagement and retaining for your mobile application. Make sure you use tools such to get all the necessary analytics.

Stage 9. Get feedback quickly. Once your application goes live on the store, the first set of clients' usage and behavior will give you understanding into how to advance your application.

Stage 10. Present features. You built version one with restricted features and only the core proposing. Now it is high time to assess and present the remaining features that were left out in the original version.

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