How to make a vcard in Outlook?

We have noticed that making a vcard in Outlook is a problem for many people. Therefore, we immediately decided to help you. Continue reading this article to get to know how to make a vcard in Outlook.

How to make a vcard in Outlook?

Vcard is simply an electronic business card. It is a very suitable way of bartering such personal information as address, name, cell number, and e-mail.

Vcard is a typical file format for electronic business cards. When you attach your vcard to your emails, it will be a modest and practical way of letting all your business fellows know how to contact you as soon as possible.

Microsoft will help you to simplify the process of making a vcard in Outlook. This program will also include your vcard with any emails you are going to send from your Outlook account.

Vcard in Outlook

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Main steps on how to make a vcard in Outlook

Open your Outlook. Enter your personal information in the contacts book of Outlook. Save your information to your computer in vcard format only. Having saved it, you can attach this vcard to as many of your Outlook emails as you wish. It sounds simple, does not it? Now we will give you all the details.

  • Open a desktop icon or Windows Start menu and launch Outlook.
  • Click either “Send/Receive” or "Home" at the top of the Outlook page
  • Click “Contacts” toward the bottom of the gray panel at the left side of the Outlook page.
  • Click “Double-Click Here to Create a New Contact” in the window that is shown after you click “Contacts”
  • When “Contact” dialog box appears, type your desirable contact info in the fitting text fields

Make vcard in Outlook is simple

  • Having finished typing your contact information, click “File” tab at the top of the dialog box.
  • Click “Save As” in the left column. Now you have to wait a second until “Save As” dialog box appears
  • With the help of pull-down menu in “Save as Type” field at the bottom of the "Save As" dialog box, choose “Vcard Files”
  • Check the file name that is shown in “File Name” field. Now you may either edit or delete it according to your preferences
  • Click “Save” button. It is located at the bottom right corner of the dialog box.
  • Attach your brand-new vcard to any of your emails. To do it, choose “Attach File” in the toolbar at the top of Outlook composition box. Then use the dialog box and select it from the files on your computer. That is all.


Now you see that this procedure is very simple. However, it is straightforward for those people who know how to do it. Now you can do it. Keep on studying Microsoft Outlook. It still has plenty of pleasant secrets. If you have any questions, it would be a pleasure for us to answer them!

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