How Well Do You Thik You Can Apply "programmers" ?

well all ya programmers , how well do u think u can "think" or should i rather say program,

do not attempt if u dont have a mind for this, face the challange,

Programming Challenge

Use of Hospital Facilities

County General Hospital is trying to chart its course through the troubled waters of the economy and shifting population demographics. To support the planning requirements of the hospital, you have been asked to develop a simulation program that will allow the hospital to evaluate alternative configurations of operating rooms, recovery rooms and operations guidelines. Your program will monitor the usage of operating rooms and recovery room beds during the course of one day.

County General Hospital has several operating rooms and recovery room beds. Each surgery patient is assigned to an available operating room and following surgery the patient is assigned to one of the recovery room beds. The amount of time necessary to transport a patient from an operating room to a recovery room is fixed and independent of the patient. Similarly, both the amount of time to prepare an operating room for the next patient and the amount of time to prepare a recovery room bed for a new patient are fixed.

All patients are officially scheduled for surgery at the same time, but the order in which they actually go into the operating rooms depends on the order of the patient roster. A patient entering surgery goes into the lowest numbered operating room available. For example, if rooms 2 and 4 become available simultaneously, the next patient on the roster not yet in surgery goes into room 2 and the next after that goes into room 4 at the same time. After surgery, a patient is taken to the available recovery room bed with the lowest number. If two patients emerge from surgery at the same time, the patient with the lower number will be the first assigned to a recovery room bed. (If in addition the two patients entered surgery at the same time, the one first on the roster is first assigned a bed.)

Input and Output

The input file contains data for a single simulation run. All numeric data in the input file are integers, and successive integers on the same line are separated by blanks. The first line of the file is the set of hospital configuration parameters to be used for this run. The parameters are, in order:

Number of operating rooms (maximum of 10)

Number of recovery room beds (maximum of 30)

Starting hour for 1st surgery of day (based on a 24-hour clock)

Minutes to transport patient from operating room to recovery room

Minutes to prepare operating room for next patient

Minutes to prepare recovery room bed for next patient

Number of surgery patients for the day (maximum of 100)

This initial configuration data will be followed by pairs of lines of patient data as follows:

Line 1: Last name of patient (maximum of 8 characters)

Line 2: Minutes required for surgery Minutes required in the recovery room

Patient records in the input file are ordered according to the patient roster, which determines the order in which patients are scheduled for surgery. The number of recovery room beds specified in any configuration will be sufficient to handle patients arriving from surgery (No queuing of patients for recovery room beds will be required). Computed times will not extend past 24:00.

Correct output shows which operating room and which recovery room bed is used by each patient, and the time period that the patient uses the room and bed along with a summary of the utilization of hospital facilities for that day. The output file consists of a set of two tables describing the results of the simulation run. The first table is in columnar form with appropriate column labels to show the number of each patient (in the order the patient roster), the patient's last name, the operating room number, the time surgery beings and ends, the recovery bed number and the time the patient enters and leaves the recovery room bed.

The second table will also be in columnar form with appropriate column labels summarizing the utilization of operating rooms and recovery room beds. This summary indicates the facility type (room or bed), the facility number, the number of minutes used and percentage of available time utilized. Available time is defined as the time in minutes from the starting time for 1st surgery of day to the ending time of the last patient in a recovery room bed. A sample input file and corresponding correct output are shown below.

Sample Input

5 12 07 5 15 10 16


28 140


120 200


23 75


19 82


133 209


74 101


93 188


111 223


69 122


42 79


22 71


38 140


26 121


120 248


86 181


92 140

Sample Output

Patient Operating Room Recovery Room

# Name Room# Begin End Bed# Begin End

1 Jones 1 7:00 7:28 3 7:33 9:53

2 Smith 2 7:00 9:00 1 9:05 12:25

3 Thompson 3 7:00 7:23 2 7:28 8:43

4 Albright 4 7:00 7:19 1 7:24 8:46

5 Poucher 5 7:00 9:13 5 9:18 12:47

6 Comer 4 7:34 8:48 4 8:53 10:34

7 Perry 3 7:38 9:11 2 9:16 12:24

8 Page 1 7:43 9:34 6 9:39 13:22

9 Roggio 4 9:03 10:12 9 10:17 12:19

10 Brigham 2 9:15 9:57 8 10:02 11:21

11 Nute 3 9:26 9:48 7 9:53 11:04

12 Young 5 9:28 10:06 3 10:11 12:31

13 Bush 1 9:49 10:15 10 10:20 12:21

14 Cates 3 10:03 12:03 8 12:08 16:16

15 Johnson 2 10:12 11:38 4 11:43 14:44

16 White 5 10:21 11:53 7 11:58 14:18

Facility Utilization

Type # Minutes % Used


Room 1 165 29.68

Room 2 248 44.60

Room 3 258 46.40

Room 4 162 29.14

Room 5 263 47.30

Bed 1 282 50.72

Bed 2 263 47.30

Bed 3 280 50.36

Bed 4 282 50.72

Bed 5 209 37.59

Bed 6 223 40.11

Bed 7 211 37.95

Bed 8 327 58.81

Bed 9 122 21.94

Bed 10 121 21.76

Bed 11 0 0.00

Bed 12 0 0.00

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hey guys, im sowi if i offended some dudes but neva mind doin it na, its not by force, i just wanted to get u to think thats all, and if u must knw, i already did it a long time ago and got the required output, so dont hate, just tryin to be friendly here.,, u grab, its not difficult at all na, HABA,



I have not been here for some time. I saw this post sometimes ago. I have worked on it and gotten the required output. If you are still interested in it, let me know so that I can make it available to you. However, I might just chip in that next time you should come out straight that you need assistance, rather than thinking you can use 'agbari'. It will let people respond faster. The people here are all matured. I don't think u can c anybody you can take for a ride.


If you programmers to do it you should just say, than coming from this angle,

Any how am available suffer it a contract that will bring (BenJi's)


Why should we do other people's work for them. Asking for directions and advice is one thing but asking others to do your work is plain laziness.


Why don't you just ask for help instead of these? We'll be happy to.


is this ur 2nd year project in college?

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