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8 people burnt and one beaten due to asserted blasphemy

8 people burnt and one beaten due to asserted blasphemy

The Angry mob was accusing a student and decided to beat him. A man tried to help him and got justice of crowd, which took lives of eight people.

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Why Are Christians Always Trying To Convert You?

Why Cant Y'all Respect Others?

Like you know someone, yall yarn and stuff, and the person is not even religious oh, they are just christians by default, but whenever the topic comes up, they never fail to try and convince u that jesus was the son of god/is god and that he died for “our” sins. So basically being born again or being holy and sin free is not the goal, they just want you to go against your beliefs and admit that jesus is god, then when u say ok I believe hes god and the son of god, they walk away feeling accomplished, but wait! does that mean I automatically go to heaven now? I guess ill go stab a guy but have it at the back of my mind that jesus is god.

Don’t you just hate it when someone you know, hang out with and do real crazy, unimaginable things with assume or try to tell you that youre going to hell and they are only trying to save you by making you believe that jesus is not a prophet but the son of god yet they lead the same “sinful” life as you do, the only difference is their belief. And then they try to say well muhammed is not the answer its jesus. I'm like wtf said i worship muhammed? Hes a prophet just like jesus, if you don’t believe me then don’t ask me.

Same thing with all those deeper life and christians always going door to door bleeping up my meal or Indecency flick! Is that a sign that I shouldn’t be eating or touching myself? Is someone up there trying to call me fat?! You don’t see muslims or babalawos at your doorstep do you. Do you and respect other ppls beliefs, its not your duty to bring anyone with you to heaven because them people be acting like christianity is a referral thing like “I really need you to come with me to church please I pray for you everyday, because if you don’t become a christian, I don’t get enough points to enter heaven, and bring your sister too”

When I was young, I used to think christianity was a cult, them people walking around with pamphlets used to scare the chit out of me, there was this particular dude by the mountain of fire church, always waiting for me when im walking back from school. I used to take off my shoes and run whenever I got to the area and he would run after me while his fellow brothers hailed him “catch her catch her” any passerby would think I was the demon and they were trying cure me or something.

You people should take your time oh, however way I choose to live my life is between me and my God, I don’t need any middle man neither muhammed nor jesus to get to God period.

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Why Do You Behave Like You Hate Nigeria So Much?

Why do we help the enemies of Nigeria by hardly (if) ever seeing anything good in Nigeria?

No matter what God Does for us in Nigeria, why do we fail to Honour God?

Even when we claim to be Godly, why does it hardly (if) ever whow in your daily life?

Why have we chosen to glorify evil and promote negativity and reward same mostly?

Why is it that in families, jealousies and wickedness prevails most of the time?

How can we choose not to encourage marriage, family values and sensible moral values?

At the end of it all, we blame the leaders for everything when our homes are in jeopardy … affecting the whole nation.

Honour no longer for the elderly, but for the bully, the spendthrift bribing us (in)directly for almost everything, including our votes.

My people, God is watching us. Should we wait to experience His wrath?

Do we think we have seen the wrath of God?

We are communicating to God that we can never be satisfied. This must change urgently. If not, we shall experience the true wrath of God.

Pray, my brethren. Pray.

The wish of the enemy must not prevail upon us and our families. We are not better than the nations experiencing untold evil currently.

Time for sober reflection before it is too late.

Evil shall slay the evil. Wickedness likewise.

Nationbuilding is a must for all. Get involved in one way or another. I am not far away from you says the Lord. Why do you despise me so?

May God Bless and Save Nigeria.



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