Can you undress for N10.000? Nigerian man walked nude on the streets of Mararaba.

How to undress in public without undue embarrassment? What reasons should be? Read to learn more.

undress for money

Very often we hear about women who nude in public, entirely or partially. And it's not just about the strippers, or models, which can be explained by the desire to make money, and, for example, about the girls from the movement FEMEN, who burst undressed to the politicians, despite the cameras and the police. Or those who take off the clothes collecting money for cancer patients. What is this desire to display naked body? Where do they get this desire? Why do they want to undress or change clothes in public?

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Undressing in public

Strange as it seemed for everyone else, some people clearly enjoy appearing nude in public. And sometimes they even overdo this and arrange nude photo sessions, participate in the wet T-shirt contest at the public beach in front of the children, sunbathe topless. Sometimes it can be a protest against the laws of a naked body.

undress in public

Female Undressing

Why do some women tend to be nude? And why do people of different age undress in public? According to the system of vector psychology, some people have the visual vector qualities such as emotional openness.  Children are easy to identify with the desire to undress before people. They even invite others to do the same. They do this not out of evil motives or abnormality. They are naturally born without a sense of shame.They have no feeling of prohibition.

Such people are not ashamed after taking off clothes in public. After relieving clothes, they become more open to people.  And they don't understand why doesn't everybody get naked in response. Gradually, as they develop in society, on the one hand, they agree that it is indecent for other people and even a problem of morality. On the other hand, they learn to be closer to the people not the nakedness of the body and emotionally. Adults with a developed visual vector can create profound emotional connections with other people, like love and compassion.

With age comes the understanding that even in intimate relationship eroticism is not only naked body.  Having not learned how to express themselves emotionally, people try to attract society’s attention by undressing in public.

undress in public

How to help people who like to undress in public?

If you want to change an individual’s  relation to undressing in public, do not try to persuade. Any persuasion or orders will help get rid of this desire. Moreover, he does not consider that to be something bad or unusual. In general, such phenomena are quite harmless, because no one is raped and no one is robbed, just get naked on public watching the reaction of other people. The problem is that the content is small and does not carry much joy, but only relief. Fears like getting smaller, but the problem is not going away.

Female problems

Undeveloped visual vector, and in addition an inclination towards public exhibitionism, have a very many adverse consequences for women. Woman suffers from persistent fear, including panic attacks, which prevent to live and enjoy life. Hysteria - is also an evidence of the visual vector to some extent.

Nevertheless, the situation can be improved. Mild forms of exhibitionism are very easy to correct. Dangerous forms are harder to treat but in this case, everything is real, just requires more effort on the part of man. Inadequate desire to take their clothes off in public disappears if one studies emotional intimacy, not only physical.

undressing for money

Undressing for money

Absolutely another case is undressing for money.  A young man undressed and walked on the streets of Mararaba, near Abuja just to earn N10,000. A stranger made up his mind to display his abilities to do everything just for money sake. Young man’s friends did not believe him at first. One of the witnesses proved that a young man undressed in public and walked on the streets. The public was shocked but interested. Finally, it was reported that it should be drug influenced action.  So, what to say? Money can do miracles. Sometimes no comments are necessary.

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