How to be happy - 7 happiness secrets for Nigerians

Feel misery? It's your choice! Find your way to hapiness following these 7 best tips on how to be happy.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a delicate topic to cover. No one really can put their finger on it, but everyone has been happy at least few times in life. And everyone desires to know how to be happy again.  Sometimes happiness is defined as “feeling”, a “sensation”, but feelings are fickle. How in the world can you make yourself or anyone else to “feel” happy? However, happiness is described as a “state”; a condition of mind, a mindset or attitude.

We can do something about it! Attitudes and states are manageable. They can be shaped, monitored an altered. They are considerably more predictable than the capricious feelings. So, the definition of happiness we get here is: a condition of soul and mind produced by a decision. Then we can learn how to be happy!

This definition enables us to learn the enigmas of happiness and certain ways to be happy. Let’s take a look at 7 of them.

1.       Decide to be happy

The great news is the scientists have discovered that contentment is a decision!  Probably this is one of the reasons why Nigerians are deemed to be happy.

Yes, this country and its people deal with some serious challenges. Nonetheless, they remain happy. How is this possible? How could one have a rewarding life in the midst of distress? Just make a choice to be glad and on one can stand on your way.

The curious fact is this: certain most affluent countries are not listed among the happiest ones. USA and UK do not top the list of such countries. These people worry a lot and have trouble appreciating what they.

How to be happy? Be content. Contentment is like a fruit. It takes time to mature and develop, but it all starts with the decision and choices. The first state of happiness is positivity. Just try to dismiss most of the adverse notions that come to your mind and concentrate on the constructive ones.

The absence of negativity opens up the way for happiness. It is a state of mind. A glass (your situation) is either half empty or half full. You are the one who decides on it.

top happy foods2.       Eat happy; move happy

What’s this all about? Our bodies produce certain chemicals and hormones that can either make us happier, or boost the worries. The hormone production is tightly related to what one eats. There are certain “happy foods” that can help your physique to feel better and to stay more energetic.

Some of these fares include dark chocolate (isn’t it nice to read it?!), greens, grains (rich in vitamin B), seeds and nuts, sea fish and bananas. All these foods keep your brain healthy and happy. They reduce the amount of anxiety and trouble caused by physical condition of your flesh.

Working out or active style of life is another thing that could make you better-off. Our bodies were created to be vigorous and energetic. Moving a lot can keep your moods up.

3.     how to be happy 2  Be appreciative

Gratefulness is among the top happiness elements. When you regard the stuff you have and thank for them, you look away from what you don’t have.

Try to count your godsends daily; see what you have and thank for it and be happy. Appreciate the people you love and those who love you.

They will not always be at your side, so do not squander time on fights and just be happy. 

power of forgiveness4.       Forgive

Want to know how to live a happy life? Learn to forgive. One should forgive not for the offender’s sake; but rather for his or her own self.  It sets us free. It increases our level of wellness and happiness. And, yes, forgiveness is also a choice, not a feeling. Otherwise, how would God ask us to forgive? It is in our power and it is a resolution we make.

your happy hobby 5.       Get a hobby

One of the best things in life is doing something with passion. Getting a hobby could provide you with some personal space. It is something you do just for fun and not because you have to do it. In fact, some people managed to turn their hobbies into full time occupations. They love what they do; they are happy and they make money using their passion. Doesn’t that sound like a happy person?

hapiness in friendship6.       Make friends

Relationships make us happy, especially the friendly ones. Having many friends boosts one’s level of confidence.

Friends enrich our lives by their support, sharing, enthusiasm and many other things. People with many friends generally are happier than the lonely ones. Loneliness could be one of the major grounds for unhappiness.

The Bible tells us to be friendly, if we wish to have friends. How to be happy? Just get up and support someone. Show genuine interest in people. Share with them and listen to them. This would open up the doors of friendship for you.

how to be happy 37.       Make love

Scientists have done many studies on this subject. Does having more sex make you better-off? It surely does.

Only there is one major condition there: making love should be voluntary and mutual. If two people come together in marital union and respect each other, the have what it takes to make each other happy.

How do you become happier by making more love? Decide to do at least 5 things that would make your wife or your husband happier in bed. They will surely pay you back.

As you see, all the 7 secrets of how to be happy are about making a decision. It is not something that just happens to people. All these are the results of voluntary actions or attitudes. They give you control over happiness and make you responsible for your own state of mind. Happiness is what you decide to have. Make a good choice today. 

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In my opinion, happiness is inside of us and only we ourselves may decide whether to be happy or not. If we are in a bad mood, nothing would improve it,even when the worst thing for us happens, but if we have a good mood, nothing can spoil it. It is all in our head and mind, when we decide to be happy, we have a positive way of thinking, and we don't pay a big attention on different small or even some big troubles. And when we are depressed, nothing, even the biggest happiness would help us to conquer the depression. We make our choice by ourselves.

Answered 2 years ago.

Whole world seeks be happy daily. But few realize - happiness does not come from outside. This condition can be felt all time, regardless of circumstances. It is require work on emotions. Be happy - enjoy all, and not worry about, what did not happen. Be happy - it is goal. And achieve any other goal, see and know, what constitutes your happiness. Be thankful. Himself for what we have achieved. Other people, for what did or did not do for you. What you have and can still be achieved. Over life lessons, that she teaches you, often under guise of troubles and trials. Look for reasons be happy.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very good article. Information written briefly but very clearly. I also think that people should first himself to give the subconscious mind a goal to be happy. Need to eliminate evil, do more good deeds, to be able to forgive, able to love. But it is also important to learn to love yourself, because not many people can do it. Love yourself, learn to be friends, give good to others, try to communicate more with positive people, share with them positive energy, get positive emotions. Always try to have a good mood.

Answered 2 years ago.

Happiness is a choice. If we decide to follow those simple steps then we will increase our chances to be happy. I am deeply thankful for being able to breath, seeing each morning bright blue sky and the sun shining that is shining on me. Gotta remember, that nothings gonna be easy but it's not a reason to be unhappy. It takes times sometimes to became that person, need to pray God as well and He will bring way more blessings into our life. But as a human i have my downs and learning how to overcome negavite moments that i face.

Answered 2 years ago.
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