How to start losing weight and feeling confident again?

Losing weight is a desire for every human, especially for women. But sometimes just wishing is not enough. How to make yourself starting losing weight and feel confident? We have the answer!

losing weight

Often the first steps are the most difficult. You just daily say to yourself: "I'll start tomorrow or on Monday.” But tomorrow turns into yesterday, Monday into another Monday, and you repeat these phrases, but do nothing. With these 11 steps, you will be able to transform plans into reality.

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1. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight

You need weighty arguments to force yourself to change your lifestyle and diet.

You must have a serious motivation, not just "I wish I had the 2nd size”. Truly motivating will be the goal to be healthy and feel good. Or, for example, to always stay in shape and keep up with those who are younger.

losing weight

2. Make a list of your goals

It doesn't take a lot of time and increases your chances of success by 42% — proved by science! Write down your goals and keep this list where it will be in front of your eyes every day. Always remember about it and think of its points as a priority in your life.

3. Clean your kitchen

Open the fridge and pantry and honestly ask yourself the question: is it harmful to me to eat these foods? If the answer is "Yes," then safely dispose of them! Because these products is a trigger, that kills your struggle with overeating. They prevent you in weight loss and worsen your addiction to unhealthy food. First time of giving up all convenience foods isn’t always successful, but starting to get rid of the most harmful, you're already on the right track.

4. Understand what started your problems

Think that was the reason for the weight gain. Was it a late dinner or maybe overeating because of the nervous system? Clearly realizing the reasons, you will be able to stay on the right track and in time to stop yourself from overeating later.

losing weight

5. Cook with stock

Most of us don't have time to cook healthy meals three times a day. Today prepare food from natural, fresh ingredients with a supply until the end of the week. You will save time, and you will have a choice of healthy home cooked food.

6. Share health plans with best friend

The decision to start losing weight is a very big responsibility, so you need to choose carefully whom you tell about it. Let your attorney will be a friend, to whom you will feel uncomfortable if you break the rules. You have to be sure that the people you tell about your plan to lose weight, have the opinion you care about, and they will be your supporters in this business.

7. Make a training schedule

When we enroll to the master in the beauty salon, we always have time and do not miss our visit. We build other activities from our plan around the SPA. Do the same for the gym. You shall describe the schedule of your workouts for a week and imagine that you have a master stylist of your figure and that master is you.

losing weight

8. Make a vision board

A vision board works as an energy magnet attracting all shown aspects of your goals and plans. Collect a variety of visual images of the goal to which you aspire, dropping excess weight: pictures, drawings, photographs, and labels. Let them become your mantras and visual reminder of your goals and objectives. Whatever you placed on your vision board, it should inspire you and support.

9. Buy beautiful training form

We all know the feeling — it's nice when you're wearing something really comfortable and of high quality. So it must be during training. The better you feel in the gym, there are more chances that you will go back again and again. So find yourself in the shop a comfortable and attractive sportswear that will cheer you up. When training starts to give results in the form of positive changes in shape, reward yourself for the work with new sporting clothes.

losing weight

10. Set yourself achievable objectives

Attempt to one day radically changes your way of life.Try to honestly figure out what changes you can make in your life tomorrow, and strictly follow the set plan. Where exactly are you ready in? Take a walk after lunch? Eat more vegetables? This is a realistic goal — unlike, for example, promise yourself to abandon a Sunday picnic with friends, which you most likely will not keep. Start with things you are really ready to make. Be realistic and set several intermediate targets. Achieving each of them will be your little success; will motivate you and inspire the continuation of the journey, new achievements, and finally achieve the main goal.

losing weight

11. Go to bed early

Lack of sleep affects on processes of metabolism. A study published during the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association in 2011 shows that women, when they slept only 4 hours, ate up to 329 more calories than the next day, before which they slept normal 9 hours. When you don't get enough sleep, the body produces 15% more ghrelin — the hunger hormone, and your brain gets the signal that you need more calories. Those who will go to bed a few hours earlier win more tomorrow.

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