Is cheating genetic?

While there may not be a clinical definition of what constitutes a cheater, the fact is that cheaters exist and they cause far more damage than it's usually worth. Here are a few things you may have never known about cheaters, but probably should.


Cheating is the engine of history. Creativity is inspired by cheating. The art is inspired by cheating.

Is cheating genetic?

Is there cheating in your genetics?

If passed on from parents to children a habit to cheat?

cheating is genetic

Every second person has experienced cheating. So sad was this statistics. Every second person felt the pain, disappointment, anger and sense of betrayal. After revelations of infidelity, there are only two scenarios of development of relations in the future: either to forgive or to break up. Both partners decide together what to do next.

A recent study suggests that some men might be more likely to cheat than others. According to this study, people who have a higher number of copies of the cheater’s gene might struggle with monogamy more than men who have a lower number of copies of the gene, or no copies at all.

So, what is this “cheater’s gene” and does the presence of it mean that your relationship is doomed to infidelity?

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cheating is genetic

Is cheating a genetic thing?

The cheater’s gene affects the production of the hormone vasopressin, a hormone which might be linked to bonding within the male brain. In turn, this might affect his likelihood to stay monogamous to his partner and feel satisfied within his relationship.

However, don’t drag your man off for gene screening just yet.  The presence of the cheater’s gene is only one factor to consider when determining whether a man will be faithful.

cheating is genetic

What are the other signs that a man might be a cheater?

His parents’ marriage: Our childhood experiences significantly affect our adult perspective. Children who grew up in homes in which one or both parents cheated might have a different view of cheating than children who grew up with dedicated parents. They might consider cheating as something detestable, something which ruined their parents’ marriage, or they might see it as par-for-the-course, a healthy part of adult relationships. If you want to get a better understanding of your partner’s view of monogamy, try asking about his parents and what their marriage was like.

cheating is genetic

Is cheating genetic? Researchers say, yes.

His early childhood lessons: what lessons did your partner internalize as a child? Was he taught that honesty is the best policy, and did he receive reinforcement of this lesson throughout his childhood? If so, he will be likely to exhibit honesty throughout his adulthood and to expect the same from you. However, if he didn’t, he might have internalized the belief that he can do the crime without the time.

His past relationships:  a man learns much of what he knows about love and intimacy from ex-girlfriends and past relationships. If his past relationships were riddled with commitment problems and infidelity, you might find that your partner has a hard time trusting you and being trusted in return.

His maturity level: let’s face it, if a man honestly doesn’t want to commit, no woman can make him. Whether his wandering eye is due to genetics, or any of the above reasons, the bottom line is that if he isn’t seeking a mature, faithful relationship, he will likely have a wandering eye, even if he doesn’t have the cheater’s gene.

cheating is genetic

In the end, having a gene or lacking a gene can never predict (or excuse) a man’s faithfulness. However, this study is just one of many in the field of nature versus nurture, all of which challenge the way we think about personality, relationships, and intimacy. As we continue to explore this exciting new field, let’s not forget that it’s never nature versus nurture. It is nature and nurture together that determine our humanity.


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