Is Imran Khan is Also a illuminati.????

can u define me about the Imran Khan(Politician)...

and also tell me about the Nawaz Sharif

Asif Ali ZArdari

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There is no doubt that the entertainment industry and political arena bring huge profits. And if there is a lot of money - there is power. Even for the little thing people go to the forgery, theft and betrayal. People want to do everything for the great sum of the money.

In the industry of show business and politics there are a lot of people who seek to control and dominate the masses. They like to be popular, to be on top, to be heard by millions of people around the world. But are they really on top? No. They are just ‘shadows of the masters’, who stand behind the curtain and really pulling the strings. All well-known artists who are constantly in full view of the crowd play the role of visual noise screens. The names of these puppeteers remain unknown to the general public. If to talk about Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, there are no certain evidences that they are part of illuminati alliances. However, there are a lot of different rumors but with no proves.

The real ‘rulers’ of illuminati, who actually own the sphere of politics, will never appear on the covers of glossy magazines. They will never give interviews. They will not apply to the real estate purchase and will not publish photos of the family to the social media. ‘The true elite’ is not seen, but instead of them the role of ‘elite’ is played by mummers.

So if you have some ideas about certain celebrities – you can never be sure. Unless, they say about their membership in this secret alliance.

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