Is money the root of all evil

People are wondering whether money is an evil thing. Does it affect people’s lives? Why don’t you admit that money can’t buy happiness, friend etc.? You’ll find all the secrets of money here.

I'm sure you've heard an old famous saying: ‘Money is the root of all evil’. Well, for many centuries people were wondering whether money good or even evil. But personally I suppose that this statement is a bit incorrect. So that’s why there is always a debate on money is the root of all evil.

What is money?

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It is certain that everything always has its price in our life. And money is some kind of a reward for our work, which lets us enjoy the pleasures of life. Of course, you cannot buy real friends, true love or happiness in general, but money can give a sense of financial security or help to get rid of fear to lose their home or property. What's important, money can also be used to help other people who are unable to help themselves. That's, for example, people with serious health diseases or victims of wars, floods or famine. Is that bad? Of course, not.

3 reasons why money is the root of all evil

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However, many people believe that money can destroy people's lives. Money can easily become the master of any man, who puts wealth above everything else. Often making money becomes one of the most important things in the lives of such people. A love of money is the root of all evil. I believe that there is no harm in money; it is only a medium of exchange. But if a person loves it - this is what can lead to evil.

They work hard every day, and they do not have time for friends and relatives. It often leads to loneliness and shattered dreams and families. Greed often makes people to break the law and commit crimes to get rich. So greed is the first reason.

The second one is a spiritual damage. If a person cannot stop working and making money, he has no time for hobbies and self-education – it’s really bad. What kind of life is that? A person doesn’t have friends, family, love, interests. Only job. And money. Yes, spending money can be a real pleasure but it can’t be compared with the happiness of having a baby or a wedding.

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The last one: money equals a social status. Society always judges people according how much money they have in their pockets. Sometimes people in different institutions mean nothing if they don’t have money. A scientist who had found a treatment for a disease and became rich is equal to a millionaire who was born rich. Is it fair? Rich life is cruel and has its own rules. It doesn’t matter how you’ve become rich. It only matters that you are rich! Also money attracts a lot of different people. And they are not always good. Besides the obvious advantages, rich life has plenty of disadvantages.

The lack of money can become a real source of evil. There are plenty of poor countries which don’t even have water to drink. If people had plenty of money would they solve this problem? Of course. Or if someone gets sick and needs an urgent surgery. What do you need? Money. It’s a solution for a lot of problems. Money can save lives. But lack of money can destroy it. So what is it? Evil or good?

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People may remain in misery and fatigue pursuing wealth. They won’t have a chance to satisfy their greed completely. But despite all of that, I think that money is a good servant in the right hands.


The exchange of goods through money — this is the law of honor of the people of good will. In the basis of money is an axiom that every person is sole and sovereign master of his mind, his body and his labor. It is money deprived of the power of the law to evaluate the work or to dictate the price on it, leaving only the free choice of people who want to share with you the fruits of their labor. That money allow you to get as a reward for their work and the results what they mean to those who buys them, but not a cent more. Money does not recognize other transactions, except by the parties without coercion and with mutual benefit. Money require from you is recognition of the fact that people work for ourselves, but not in the name of their own suffering, in the name of acquisition, but not in the name losses the recognition of the fact that people are not mules, born to eke out the burden of my own unhappiness — what you have to offer them benefits, and not the festering wounds that the natural relationship among people is the exchange of goods, and not suffering. Money require you to sell not your weakness of human stupidity, but your talent to their reason. Money can buy not the worst of the offered goods, and the best of what your funds allow.

Answered 1 year ago.

Money is not the root of all evil. Money is not sentient. It can not do good or evil. Humanity is the root of all evil.

Money can be the product of good or evil. However, I don't believe that money can be goal of good deeds. It can be the product of good deeds, but not the goal. And this does go into my personal beliefs about good and evil, but it's absolutely related. I believe the root of all good is self-sacrifice. And I believe the root of all evil is self-servingness.

(In between I believe that self-sustaining things...things like eating, sleeping, etc...are neutral.)

Answered 1 year ago.

Definitely answer to this question is probably impossible. Some people who have suffered because of money or for the same reason have lost a loved one will think that money is the root of all evil. Money is never enough, no matter how many of their debts. No money - there is nothing. Here is a strange law. In principle, virtually all depends on the amount of money that we have. Personally myself, I can not say that the bill - is the root of all evils. Maybe sometime later I understand this expression, even Experience can be, but now I can not fully agree with this statement. I would like to know the opinion of someone else on this issue!

Answered 1 year ago.
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